Dallas Jenkins hopped on a livestream Sunday evening and announced a streaming release timeline for “The Chosen” Season 4.

Jenkins said the show will start releasing in four to seven weeks — two episodes each week.

That puts the approximate release date at mid-May or early June. Jenkins said once the legal matters are resolved, he said they will release the show. “No one is more upset about it than I am,” he said about delay, adding that he wanted to get the show out there as soon as possible.

“We’re doing everything that we can to give Season 4 to you as early as we can, as cheaply as we can,” Jenkins said.

So, what are the legal matters the show is dealing with? “I can’t get into the details,” Jenkins said about the legal matters related to the show. He said the show is concerned with making sure that the show is economically sustainable long term.

It’s unlikely it will be longer than four to seven weeks, Jenkins said. It will come out on the app for free when it arrives. “We are going to be releasing two episodes per week, probably on Sunday and Thursday, but we’ll have all the details of that when we get to it.”

Jenkins also gave an update on the filming of Season 5. The cast and crew is currently in Utah to film the show and they have most recently filmed the triumphal entry.

Update on ChosenCon

In addition to announcing the release date for the season, Jenkins also spoke about ChosenCon, which is coming up on Sept. 20-21. Tickets will start go on sale on May 6 and later on, the team will announce the conference’s exact location.

It’s in person, but there will also be an online option.