Dave & Buster’s announced Tuesday that it plans to incorporate mobile wagers into its arcade experience.

Beginning later this year, loyalty program members who are 18 or older will be able to bet against friends using the Dave & Buster’s app as they play popular games like Skee-Ball and Hot Shots.

“We’re thrilled to work with Lucra to bring this exciting new gaming platform to our customers,” said Simon Murray, senior vice president of entertainment and attractions at Dave and Buster’s in an April 30 press release. “This new partnership gives our loyalty members real-time, unrivaled gaming experiences, and reinforces our commitment to continuing to elevate our customer experience through innovative, cutting-edge technology.”

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Dave & Buster’s betting

In traditional sports betting, a sportsbook sets the lines and makes money off gamblers who choose the wrong side.

But at Dave & Buster’s, bettors will set the terms of the competition with their friends, deciding, for example, that the loser of a round of air hockey owes the winner $5.

“The Dave & Buster’s effort appears to be significantly different than sports betting, most notably since players are gambling against each other rather than against the company itself,” NBC News reported.

Lucra and Dave & Buster’s have said they’ll impose certain limits, such as putting a cap on how much users can bet on a single game.

But it’s unclear if there will be a cap on individual losses during a visit. The companies’ goal is to increase the time — and money — customers spend at arcades, CNBC reported.

Reactions to Dave & Buster’s partnership with Lucra

When news broke Tuesday of the new gambling options coming to Dave & Buster’s, some people took to social media to raise concerns about the plan.

For example, Joe Pompliano, an expert on sports and business, argued that the move will deepen the country’s gambling crisis.

McKay Coppins, who covers politics for The Atlantic, said that formally introducing gambling into a family-friendly environment is a mistake.

“Removing the social stigma around gambling is going to be a massive mistake when we look back on this era,” he said.

Here are some other tweets about the Dave & Buster’s news.

Rise of social betting

As CNBC pointed out, Dave & Buster’s is not the only company working with Lucra to take advantage of a recent surge in interest in mobile betting.

Lucra also partners with a pickleball company called Dupr and a tennis app called TennisOne to professionalize casual bets on pickleball and tennis matches.

“Lucra’s app has been downloaded 150,000 times, facilitated more than one million unique contests on the platform and collected more than $20 million of handle, according to the company,” CNBC reported, noting that Lucra operates in 44 states.