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Why do fans think that Taylor Swift wrote ‘Argylle’?

Several Swift fans theorized she secretly wrote for the spy thriller film — and multiple sources have spoken out

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Singer Taylor Swift performs on stage in a concert at London’s Wembley Stadium in 2018.

Singer Taylor Swift performs on stage in a concert at Wembley Stadium on June 22, 2018, in London.

Joel C Ryan, Invision via Associated Press

Taylor Swift has achieved many accomplishments in her storied singing and songwriting career. But some fans have mistakenly claimed that she also wrote the latest spy thriller flick, “Argylle.”

Per Sky News, the monumental pop figure was rumored to go by the pseudonym Elly Conway, the fictional author of the book within the movie. Yet despite what fans may claim, she was all but a small influence for the movie.

What is ‘Argylle?’

The film, directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring actors such as Henry Cavill and Bryce Dallas Howard, is about Elly, an introverted author who, during a train ride, is “drawn into the activities of a sinister underground syndicate,” per Vanity Fair.

It explores Elly, who’s portrayed by Howard, discovering her true identity while she simultaneously develops a concluding book series featuring Cavill as a spy with the same name as the movie’s title.

Why are Swift fans making the connection?

There have been several coincidences found by sources.

Vox claims the film features a Swift aesthetic found in some former Swift projects. The movie could be reminiscent of Swift’s performance in “All Too Well: The Short Film,” where she performs as a red-haired writer — similar to how Howard’s character appeared in “Argylle.”

In addition, Elly is seen throughout the movie carrying around a Scottish Fold cat in a backpack. As Vox shared, Elly’s backpack is supposedly a similar model to the one Swift uses in the Netflix documentary, “Miss Americana.” Moreover, Swift owns the same cat breed as the one featured in “Argylle.”

Vanity Fair also mentioned that the name, Elly Conway, is the name of a character on an Australian soap opera, “Neighbours,” who, reportedly, made her first appearance in the show on Dec. 13 — Swift’s birthday.

Is Swift actually involved with ‘Argylle’?

Multiple sources have said that Swift was not directly involved with the film.

Howard appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” and denied that Swift was involved with “Argylle” — despite agreeing that there were similarities between each other, per Vox.

The director spoke with Sky News and said that Swift had no production involvement. He also shared that he wanted to address the rumors quickly, as he “didn’t want a bunch of Swifties or Taylor Swift thinking we were jumping on the bandwagon of her fame.”

Even a Twitter account made to be Elly was launched to end rumors, sharing in a post:

“Hello to my new followers. Today I find myself saying the strangest thing, but here goes. I’m not Taylor Swift! We both love cats and I adore her music. I’m sure that when she writes a book she will use her name and it will be as brilliant as everything she does.”

Despite these claims, however, Swift did indirectly influence one part of the film: the choice of cat.

Vaughn told Billboard that his family got a Scottish Fold one Christmas after watching “Miss Americana,” later inspiring the director to use the cat breed for the film.

If the rumors are untrue, who wrote ‘Argylle’?

While it was unknown at first, Vanity Fair revealed that there were two (and only two) writers to have written for the film: Terry Hayes, an author and screenwriter, and Tammy Cohen, a psychological thriller book writer.

Hayes shared his reaction to the Swift theory via Inside Edition:

“I was thinking there’s a lot of crazy people in the world. To string all of these things together and come up with that solution, I thought was pretty wild.”