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Here are 10 family-friendly, cute animal documentaries to watch with your kids

Cheer up as a family this winter with these uplifting, cute animal documentaries

SHARE Here are 10 family-friendly, cute animal documentaries to watch with your kids
A serene moment in Disneynature’s documentary “Bears.”

Cute animals have a way of cheering up people of all ages amid cold, dreary winter days.


Cute animals have a way of cheering up people of all ages amid cold, dreary winter days.

Research from the University of Leeds found that watching just 30 minutes of cute animal videos and images can reduce stress by up to 50% while also enhancing overall mood.

As winter drags on, gather your family and enjoy some uplifting, educational and cute animal documentaries — they might boost your mood.

Here are 10 cute, family-friendly animal documentaries available to stream.

1. ‘Kedi’

For thousands of years, cats have roamed freely through Istanbul — creating deep relationships with those they choose to connect with. This documentary follows five cats as they explore a growing city and greatly impact the lives they pass through.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

2. ‘The Elephant Queen’

An elephant matriarch guides her family on a treacherous journey across Africa. The majestic mother will stop at nothing to protect her herd from the perils that lie outside their watering hole.

Where to watch: Apple TV+.

3. ‘Animal Babies: First Year on Earth’

In this documentary series, six animal babies from around the world face unique challenges that come during the first year of life as an animal — how to walk, what to eat and where to play.

Where to watch: Hulu, YouTube TV.

4. ‘March of the Penguins’

At the conclusion of every summer in the Antarctic, emperor penguins begin a mating ritual that takes them across the Arctic tundra. Over hundreds of miles and through violent snowstorms, these penguins are determined to find a mate and start a family.

Where to watch: Apple TV+.

5. ‘My Octopus Teacher’

A filmmaker forms an unlikely friendship with a female octopus who lives off the coast of the South African kelp forest. As he wins her trust, the octopus becomes a sort of mentor, revealing the mysteries of her world under the sea.

Where to watch: Netflix.

6. ‘Pick of the Litter’

Five Labrador puppies are selected to begin a two year training to become guide dogs for the blind — it is a rigorous journey and not every puppy will have what it takes to lead the blind.

Where to watch: YouTube TV.

7. ‘Bears’

A look into the lives of a bear family as it emerges from winter hibernation. A mama bear and her cubs must work together to find food, ward off predators and stay warm.

Where to watch: Disney+.

8. ‘Dancing With The Birds’

Attracting a mate is serious business. Male birds must put on an exciting display — such as dancing and flaunting electrifying colors — to capture attention from potential mates.

Where to watch: Netflix.

9. ‘72 Cutest Animals’

In this documentary series, there is a cuteness competition. Animals around the globe are featured for cute looks, cute behavior and rituals. Surfing goats, mischievous monkeys and sleepy koala bears all make the list for their uniquely cute qualities.

Where to watch: Netflix.

10. ‘Born in China’

All native to China, panda bear, golden monkey and snow leopard families struggle to survive against unique challenges in China’s beautiful, yet harsh, terrain.

Where to watch: Disney+.