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As the dry, dry water year ends, did you pass the conservation test?

'We're not going to stand for this': Utah students strike, call for climate reforms

The Bureau of Land Management returns to D.C. What Utah Gov. Spencer Cox has to say about it

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The conservative case for environmentalism

We need more conservative people, like many in Utah’s Carbon and Emery counties, to join the conversation about climate change.

Drought and climate change are draining the Colorado River. Sens. Mitt Romney and Michael Bennet went to see for themselves

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Should Utah’s drought emergency declaration be extended into winter?

Utah’s drought is supposed to be aggravated even more with a forecast that calls for the next few months to be drier and hotter than usual. Some leaders say the emergency drought declaration should be extended into winter. What effect will that have?

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A race against time on the Bonneville Salt Flats

On the Bonneville Salt Flats, racing records have been set and reset. But all that while, the salt was disappearing.

Record-breaking number of public comments could delay Little Cottonwood traffic plans

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What is carbon pricing? Could it clean Utah’s air?

Some Utah GOP lawmakers and their Democratic counterparts want to pursue instituting carbon pricing that would impose fees on businesses that pollute the air and then give the revenue back to the state’s taxpayers. Would it work? Is it politically possible in conservative Utah?

Possible mercury has closed the pond in this Salt Lake City park

Ozone pollution, China and the controversy that dogs state regulators

Five things you should know about Utah’s pollution struggles

Wintry weather on tap for Utah this fall? Don’t hold your breath

Heavy rains cause 'severe' flooding in southeast Utah town

Bus or gondola? Salt Lake County’s mayor knows which she’d choose for Little Cottonwood Canyon, but she’d like to try something else first

From Katrina to Ida: How Utah helps after hurricanes

These 3 towns ran out of water amid Utah drought

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Anatomy of a drought: How the West may change for decades to come

Lake Powell is becoming a puddle. Cities are running out of water. Record breaking heat, fallowed fields and yellow lawns. The 2021 drought in Utah and the West is historic — and there may be worse impacts to come in the future. Here’s why.

Will drought in the West usher in a new generation of reservoirs?

What’s for dinner? T. Rex may have been a picky — not ‘brutish’ — eater

Study finds wildfire smoke exposure increases the risk of preterm birth

Gondola or widened lanes? Why this Olympian wants neither for Little Cottonwood Canyon

22 dead, many missing after 17 inches of rain in Tennessee

Meet a newly discovered Utah native — but be careful not to step on it

What snakes and duct tape can tell us about radiation

What will happen to Darth Gator, the alligator who attacked his trainer?

No. The rain is not going to cure Utah’s drought

Utah misusing public funds for fossil fuel projects, environmental groups allege

The world’s largest and possibly oldest living organism resides in Utah

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Is climate migration natural or disastrous? Actually, it’s both

Climate change and natural disasters are leading to a new trend: climate migration. How will it affect you?

Do Republican leaders care about climate change? The answer is increasingly ‘yes’

Coughing? Lingering wildfire smoke could be the cause

‘Disaster of unprecedented proportions’: Inside Greece’s wildfires

When will the unhealthy wildfire smoke clear out of Utah?

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Bad news for the West in a new international climate change report

A new international report on the impacts of global climate change raises serious alarm for the fate of Utah and the rest of the West when it comes to wildfires and drought. Here is a glimpse into what it says.

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New climbers are rushing to the crag — and it’s raising the risk

With more rock climbers than ever thanks to the COVID-19 recreation surge, mountain guides and sheriffs are seeing a pattern: risky behavior from new adventurers.

Pick a tomato, sunflower at Salt Lake’s newest community garden, mayor says

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Why is air quality so bad? West Coast wildfire smoke creeping east

West Coast wildfire smoke and ozone pollution are making unhealthy breathing conditions in Utah, and regulators are suggesting people avoid heavy exertion and move activities indoors.

Drought woes: More boat ramp closures, hay shortages, and now fecal matter in water

Extreme drought, urban heat and the killer targeting Utah’s vulnerable

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Reconnecting by getting away from it all — with style

At Yonder Escalante, a combination RV park/luxury campground/drive-in movie theater on the outskirts of Escalante in southern Utah, you can reconnect to it all by getting away from it all.

How can Utah be experiencing flash flooding and drought at the same time?

The fry sauce cost, and other lessons on local food manufacturing

Residents urged to avoid Mill Creek water after concrete spill, 'significant' fish kill-off

The wildfires are getting worse, and these 3 massive fires have burned for weeks

How can Utahns save water in drought? Governor wants to buy back your lawn

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I dangled off the side of a cliff to take these photos of golden eagles. Here’s why

Salt Lake City-based photojournalist describes lengths one has to go to tell the story of Hawkwatch biologists and the golden eagles they hope to save in Utah’s vast West Desert region.

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Golden eagles are dying. This unlikely partnership is trying to help

The golden eagle is in trouble and there is a group of hearty folks out there documenting those troubles and doing what they can to alleviate the problems. This matters to important military installations in Utah, which is funding an extensive western research effort. Here is what they are learning.