The verdict is in, and the chance of an El Niño winter is 95%. Here’s how that could affect you.
Cooler temperatures are coming this weekend and early next week. If you have not already, it is time to start weather proofing your home to keep those energy costs down.
From the most mundane to the rarest, there are some beautiful phenomena and some that look like an alien invasion
Salt Lake County leaders, as well as representatives of cities along the trail and others, gathered by one of two new bridges along the final stretch of the trail to celebrate the completion.
Utah and Arizona are looking at keeping national parks in their states open.
The new plan includes regulations on where and in some areas when off-road recreation motorized vehicles can be used.
A new study added another item to the list of adverse health effects of poor air quality
The X algorithm has curated the epitome of cuteness and I give it as a special gift to you
Our Deseret News photojournalists spent time up in Utah’s the mountains capturing the stunning array of colors.
More of a walk than a hike, these easy family-friendly trails allow almost everyone to see Mother Nature’s fall colors in their full glory this October.
All three candidates — Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and community activist Michael Valentine — have expressed concern about the lake.
Were the Caribbean natives on vacation in the Badger State?
Utah politicians, including Gov. Spencer Cox, say the “good neighbor” rule could prematurely phase out the state’s power plants and hurt the economy.
What month is best to see the northern lights in the U.S.?
‘I had a feeling. I had a feeling I was going to get bit yesterday. I really did. Honestly, I had intuition’ he said
Utah is putting its fall foliage on full display in the coming weeks, from Logan to Zion National Park.
The Bureau of Land Management is gearing up to release a new travel plan for the Gemini Bridges-Labyrinth Canyon area, which could change recreation dynamics in the area.
Sept. 23 marks the first day of the new season in 2023 and symbolizes different things for different traditions.
Watch thousands and thousands of dolphins come together in Monterey Bay, California.
It all started when a pair of beetle species began an ‘uncharacteristically high’ infestation in the early 2000s.
Illegal marijuana operations suck up water, use banned pesticides and cause ozone.
Crews are set to repair Kolob Canyons Road, which was damaged by rockfalls and landslides amid a barrage of wintry storms in March.
The actor took to social media to urge his followers to sign a petition from the Sierra Club’s Utah Chapter.
The world’s largest flower that spans more than a yard long grows in Southeast Asia and is poorly understood. The Rafflesia genus, which contains 42 species, is under threat.
Utah lawmakers have also dealt with plenty of water issues in recent years, especially at the height of Utah’s drought that only began to dissipate this year.
‘One of our brave delivery drivers managed to capture this incredible moment on camera,’ a Facebook post from the store said
The Great Salt Lake’s northern arm didn’t experience as many gains as the southern arm over the past few months.
The study offers insights into the best practices and changes to make to help the environment.
An eclipse is a time of renewal and reflection, and not a spectacle for tribal members.
The trees are being taken down for various reasons, including flood control and invasive tree species.
Crunching the numbers on social media data reveals what beautiful places people favor, with a desert, a couple of beaches and multiple lakes — including Lake Powell.
The collaboration seeks to command a stronger global presence for the country by zeroing in on low-emissions manufacturing.
How water from a dam in Millard County is ultimately transformed into yogurt via locally produced milk.
The annular Ring of Fire Eclipse will be visible across the Pacific Northwest, much of the West — including Utah —and Texas on Oct. 14.
Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm went on a four-day road trip in an electric vehicle and she encountered a few problems.
Here’s what we know about Hurricane Lee’s expected landfall
There is no painless solution to the Great Salt Lake’s problem — but we have to do something, and soon.
Bear Lake is listed at 914,520 acre-feet, making it nearly ⅔ full, according to the Utah Division of Water Resources.
There have been 304 Utahns infected with cryptosporidium this summer.
Close to 1,300 animals were illegally killed last year, which was an 11% increase from the previous year.
Emergency declaration considered, but ultimately rejected in light of water level rising.
A worldwide contest aimed at capturing the essence of nature is underway and it could payoff for photographers who happen upon that one shot that mesmerizes the world we live in. Read more about this contest put on by The Nature Conservancy.
Some trees in Utah are already starting to show signs of turning.
For most of the United States, temperatures above average are expected ... but not for Utah. Sweater lovers prepare
Attorneys for the group Earthjustice claim the state’s “failure” to get enough water to the Great Salt Lake is damaging public trust resources.