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Kamala Harris brings Baptist, interfaith roots to Democratic ticket

Sarah Jane Weaver: How ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things

Which Latter-day Saint temples have reopened?

Church announces these Utah temples are moving to Phase 2 of reopening plan

Joe Biden’s tough road ahead on religious freedom

Liberty U’s Falwell takes leave after social media uproar

A complete list of temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Salt Lake City program aims to reconnect residents cut off from internet, computers by pandemic

Some missionaries reach their international assignments as pandemic travel restrictions ease

Latter-day Saint coaches will be on opposing sidelines at upcoming BYU-Navy gridiron matchup

Latter-day Saint leaders express grief over loss of life in Beirut blast

‘You reap what you sow’: The spiritual side of farming

President Nelson: Pandemic’s ‘clouds of sorrow’ laced with silver linings of faith, family, service

‘The work continues,’ says President Ballard, other members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles amid COVID-19

Sen. Mike Lee: ‘Religious liberty has to be revered and respected,’ even in a pandemic

COVID-19 in Latin America: How Saints are sustaining each other amid pain, loss

October 2020 general conference: Here’s what we know

Emmeline B. Wells’ diaries open window into life of a Latter-day Saint leader and suffragist

Elder Renlund explains how to access the power of the temple — whether it’s open or not

Provo police investigating drive-by shooting at Missionary Training Center; no injuries reported

Church releases updates to handbook for Latter-day Saint leaders worldwide

Why do temples have the angel Moroni on top? Here’s look at the history of the iconic statues

How ‘trivia,’ ‘alma mater,’ ‘liberal arts’ and religion are tied to the medieval roots of modern higher education

Analysis: Do religious voters like Trump or Biden best?

Charlie Bird on his new book and being BYU’s Cosmo and a gay Latter-day Saint

Sen. Mike Lee urges states to stop ‘discriminating’ against churchgoers

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How the Church of Jesus Christ has responded to the global coronavirus threat

Watch: President Nelson talks about the ‘painful’ decision to close temples amid COVID-19

This actor just said ‘The Book of Mormon’ musical may need to ‘adjust.’ This lawyer said it a year ago

Where are churches in the Black Lives Matter movement?

Video: Why President Ballard, President Jones, Elder Soares want to honor pioneers past and present

Learning to revere feelings of reverence

The Bible teaches that all humans are flawed. What does that mean for today’s statue debates?

A personal crisis, the prophet Isaiah, and how life imitated art for this Utah author

Galileo: Science vs. religion or truth vs. fiction?

What this Relief Society board member is learning about priesthood truths hidden in plain sight

‘Saints by the Sea’ FamilySearch campaign offers new information about immigrant pioneers

First Presidency moves 12 Latter-day Saint temples to Phase 2 reopening during COVID-19 pandemic

Green Flake: His life matters

‘A trusted friend’: Tabernacle Choir celebrates 90 years of ‘Music and the Spoken Word’ with special broadcast

‘You cannot beat down justice’: Rev. C.T. Vivian, key civil rights leader, has died at 95

Should churches be excluded from mask mandates?

Video: Sheri Dew narrates ‘A History of Serving’ embraced by Latter-day Saint women

ViacomCBS terminates contract with Nick Cannon after anti-Semitic comments

The dramatic story behind one of the world’s greatest churches

Religiously diverse communities continue onward with Scouting traditions

Judge denies media request to unseal files on Saints owner

For the first time, Church of Jesus Christ is publishing a collection of Eliza R. Snow’s sermons