A new temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints coming to the greater Guatemala City area will be called the Miraflores Guatemala City Guatemala Temple.
Social progressivism and other secular ideologies are trying to influence the great historical traditions of faith. But you can’t have it both ways.
Rachel Miner’s passion for religious freedom is benefiting thousands of people around the world.
A new monument honoring early Black pioneers of Utah will be dedicated at This is the Place State Park in timing with the 175th anniversary of the first wagon company’s 1847 arrival in the Salt Lake Valley.
Rep. Adam Kinzinger implied that Rep. Lauren Boebert is hurting the country and urged his followers to oppose the ‘Christian Taliban.’
“Everybody — Democrat and Republican, right and left and center — has come together to defend this foundational right.”
Aurora Pro Service in North Carolina suffers retribution for a daily religious prayer meetings held since at least 2020.
While facing stage-five renal failure and needing a kidney transplant, here’s how songwriter Michael McLean brought hope to those struggling in Ukraine.
Religion journalists reflected on how they build trust with their audience during a recent National Press Club event.
‘Our culture continues to influence everything and everyone,’ said host Taraji P. Henson. ‘Tonight is no different.’
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has scheduled the groundbreaking for the Willamette Valley Oregon Temple on Oct. 29.
Have you heard of the Blaine Amendment? This part of Utah’s state constitution may be unconstitutional under the Supreme Court’s new religious freedom decisions.
The justices ruled 6-3 that the school’s effort to stop the coach’s prayers violated the First Amendment
Here’s what former President Donald Trump said during his speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual Road to Majority conference.
Religious people and secularists alike stand to benefit from a nondiscriminatory school choice system.
The Relief Society sisters owned the Ephraim Granary to sell grain, eggs, quilts and to give to the poor.
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Per Jon Wilner of The Mercury News, the Trojans and Bruins could join the Big Ten as early as 2024.
On John Oliver’s HBO show “Last Week Tonight,” he mocked Utah’s drought response. Not only were his words unfair and disrespectful, but mockery gets us nowhere.
Just how does this monumental change impact the University of Utah, which finally earned Power Five status by joining the Pac-12 in 2011?
Lee-McMullin matchup promises to be one of most intriguing Senate races in Utah in years.
A new study details popularity of northern Utah’s Bear Lake.
After years of working in Hollywood, here’s what two former producers are saying about the experience of helping to create the Book of Mormon videos.
HOPCC churches and seminaries are under investigation for fraud, allegedly targeting veterans.
Many of the responses centered on religious liberty, with religious conservatives saying the ruling upheld religious freedom and other arguing that striking down Roe v. Wade violates religious liberty.
“The church’s position on this matter remains unchanged,” church officials say.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has scheduled open house and dedication dates for the Belém Brazil and Quito Ecuador Temples this fall.
As a scholar and woman of faith, I know the good that religion offers.
These days former BYU basketball and Utah Jazz player Andy Toolson is busy with a business career, serving as a Latter-day Saint bishop and rebounding shots for kids these days.
Details about a kidnapping, a newspaper interview, letters to presidential candidates are featured in documents in the newest Joseph Smith Papers volume.
Barry Anderson, administrative manager and logistical master for The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, is retiring after more than 21 years of service.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has rededicated the Hong Kong Temple and it will reopen in July following a 3-year renovation.
Landscapes at some Latter-day Saint temples and meetinghouses may be allowed to turn brown and become dormant, the church said in a statement.
Teichert believed she had a divine commission to paint the story of the Latter-day Saints
The latest developments involving faith-based objections to the COVID-19 vaccines include a legal battle on a soap opera set
In new guide on premarital counseling, the pope says chastity before marriage is key to a union’s long-term success.
The Supreme Court has once again ruled in favor of religious schools seeking public education money.
Two Supreme Court decisions from the 1960s ignited a battle over school prayer and the establishment clause that rages to this day.
Austin and Alta Fife’s ‘Saints of Sage and Saddle’ collects the eclectic folk tales of Latter-day Saints in the West.
Religious leaders say DACA keeps “Dreamers” in perpetual limbo and is a “band-aid on an open wound.”
Religion once played a big role in Juneteenth festivities. These leaders hope it will again someday soon.