Many Jews fast as part of their Yom Kippur observances.
Joseph Smith left behind a legacy of defending religious freedom. Smith’s quotes on religious freedom can be found in the Joseph Smith Papers, which released its final volume on June 27
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From performing in front of politicians to landing a spot in ‘The Chosen’ special, the Bonner Family is using gospel music to change the world.
Church lawyers say allowing the case to proceed threatens religious liberty and ignores the First Amendment.
The integration for young service missionaries will begin in January 2024.
‘The Chosen’ streaming info and release date here.
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Madison Prewett Troutt may be the TikTok generation’s version of famed evangelist Billy Graham, according to Glamour magazine.
The open house will run from late October to mid-December
Parents and school leaders in several school districts have raised concerns about an unabridged version of Anne Frank’s diary that includes sexual content.
Zebulon Beck, Weber State football’s team chaplain, set a goal nearly a year ago to lead the Wildcats out before a game against Utah
A new Pew Research Center report investigates American attitudes on family life.
Tell es-Sultan is caught in the middle of long-term fighting between Israel and Palestine
“I charge you with the responsibility to be the university’s chief moral and spiritual officer,” Elder D. Todd Christofferson told the new BYU president.
U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking of colleges and universities across the country has become increasingly controversial.
An eclipse is a time of renewal and reflection, and not a spectacle for tribal members.
Small groups can book temple appointments for all proxy ordinances online
A member of the First Presidency, two apostles and other church officials will participate Tuesday in the formal presidential inauguration of Shane Reese as BYU’s 14th leader.
Although Ronaldo was only just now baptized, he says faith has played a major role in his life.
Perry and Melinda Turnbull, longtime Arkansas residents, met as elementary school classmates in central Arkansas
The temples in Arkansas, Brazil and Washington state are the church’s 180th, 181st and 182nd after dedicatory sessions led by Elders David A. Bednar, Quentin L. Cook and Neil L. Andersen.
“We are deeply saddened to share news of the passing of a young missionary,” church spokesman says of the woman who had been hospitalized for an undetermined illness.
What does the Bible say about helping the poor in spirit and worldly things?
The Founding Fathers said the Constitution would only be effective in preserving freedom if the people it governs are moral and religious. But who determines what morality is?
The meeting comes as Musk faces accusations of allowing antisemitism to flourish on X, the social media platform previously called Twitter
President Dallin H. Oaks announced the new biography during the seventh Joseph Smith Papers Conference on Friday.
Utah has a long history of being welcoming to people of the Jewish faith, stretching back to Brigham Young. That is a tradition that must continue.
Here’s your guide on seven different resources available — other than documents — to better understand the Joseph Smith Papers project.
Yes, Shane Reese has been serving as BYU’s new president for more than four months, but it will be memorable when he is installed formally at his inauguration on Tuesday.
Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech was among the religious buildings damaged by the deadly earthquake.
New data from Public Religion Research Institute identifies a political gap between mainline Protestant pastors and worshippers
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in its dispute with San Jose Unified School District.
More than a dozen individuals with visual impairments, along with their friends, family and loved ones, were able to experience the temple in a unique way
There are faith-related reasons to let yourself get a little lost sometimes.
A team comprised of Utahns make remarkable comeback to defeat Scotland in Ryder Cup format play at Sand Hollow