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President Nelson says the Church will grow in Indonesia — one faithful family at a time

Video: President Nelson, Elder Christofferson talk about their most important message during Southeast Asia Ministry

President Nelson honors the church’s growth in Singapore for its 50th anniversary

Church to add 8 new missions. Here’s where they will be located around the world

Profiles of Latter-day Saints who have been prominent lawyers highlighted in book

Most Americans want to protect churches and people of faith. Then it gets complicated

Scouting ends but camping continues, so ‘learn to love it,’ Young Men general leaders say

Picturing history: Thomas Jefferson and the prelude to the Restoration

Here’s a look at the reaction to Chick-fil-A’s recent donations announcement

Cambodian church members greet President Nelson and learn of new temple site

Chick-fil-A will end multiyear donations to these two Christian organizations

New Young Men theme, mobile app, camp guides and recognition emblems part of Children and Youth program

Video: President Nelson, Elder Christofferson share the ‘great hope’ they feel for the church’s future in Vietnam

Kanye West performed at a prison. He said it was a ‘mission, not a show’

Elder Uchtdorf encourages all to become ‘a people of peace and reconciliation’ during Volkstrauertag event

Elder Gong and general officers explain everything you need to know about the Children and Youth program

President Eyring, Elder Stevenson deliver family history to Maryland governor at historic State House

National security, poverty and charitable giving highlight President Ballard’s meetings in New York

Religion is being pushed out of the public square. Research shows it’s only going to get worse

Book review: ‘Business and Religion: The Intersection of Faith and Finance’ is a look into different times in church history

A newsmaking Friday in New York: President Ballard talks Scouts and world peace

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Global Ministry: Asia

Church revises missionary handbook for the first time in 10 years. Here’s what has changed

Government leader presents official certificate authorizing members to conduct religious activities in Vietnam

Latter-day Saint missionaries evacuate from Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

FamilySearch celebrates 125th anniversary — here’s how it has become the largest genealogy organization in the world

Giving thanks for mom’s Thanksgivings

What Muslims and Latter-day Saints in the Pacific taught Sister Eubank and Sister Craven about ministering

The miracle of Earth’s atmosphere design and the air we breathe

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox hints at ‘David vs. Goliath’ battle with Huntsman

How missionaries and Latter-day Saints in Bolivia are affected by violence and mass protests

Hyrum Smith, brother of the Prophet Joseph Smith: In life they were not divided; in death they were not separated

This is church

Picturing history: Birthplace and early sites of President Brigham Young in Vermont, New York

LA’s Gómez elected 1st Hispanic to lead US Catholic bishops

Book review: ‘When Life Gets You Down, Rise Up!’ tells the enthralling story of a Latter-day Saint who overcame immense obstacles after losing both his legs

Look inside the first visitors’ center in South America

What is a Latter-day Saint bishop’s no. 1 responsibility? Here’s what church leaders say

Inside the newsroom: This week we sought an answer to a simple question to a very difficult problem

Astronaut Jake Garn and the spiritual effects of viewing Earth from outer space

Kanye might change his name to ‘Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West.’ It’ll only be for a year

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s remarkable story of how good comes from a Latter-day Saint mission — even 46 years later

Who is the ‘Angelic Doctor’ and what did he write?

She planned for marriage on Monday. Instead she buried her family in Mexico

A complete list of temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Church News: Prominent Muslim leader meets with First Presidency to build interfaith friendship

Picturing history: Religious revivals of the Second Great Awakening

Is it time to enact the Savior’s message and change the world?