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Church News: Community gathers for the groundbreaking of the Saratoga Springs Temple

Latter-day Saint leaders lend support in humanitarian effort and meet government leaders in Texas and Arizona

Can you protect religious minorities and still withdraw from Syria? A story of life and death

Christian share in U.S. sinking fast as religious landscape changes

A fresh take on Joseph and his many-colored coat

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Danger at the synagogue: The story of a shooting tragedy that could have been much worse

"As Jews, we have always found solace and comfort in strengthening ourselves as a community," said Rabbi Avremi Zippel. "We don’t run. We don’t cower in fear."

Latter-day Saint bishop jailed, accused of having images of child sex abuse

The enormous stress on young people today

Picturing history: Topsfield, Massachusetts, home of Joseph Smith’s ancestors

Conversion therapy rule draws statement of opposition from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Carbon monoxide poisoning at Provo church serves as reminder of cold weather risks

Book review: Award winning ‘Girl at the Grave’ offers historical thriller with heartbreak, murder

‘One of a kind’: Mac ‘Mr. Mac’ Christensen dies at age 85

Utah’s Episcopalian bishop announces his retirement

The Kurds, caught between four modern countries

During LGBTQ rights town hall, top Democrats call for limits on religious freedom

Latter-day Saints pray for future without hatred, violence in statement on German synagogue attack

Church News: Church releases new safety guidelines to help members in case of shootings, emergencies

Picturing history: Elder Wilford Woodruff and Maine’s Fox Islands

Would a Supreme Court ruling in favor of LGBTQ workers lead to ‘massive social upheaval’?

Ogden Interfaith Concert featuring artist Nathan Pacheco draws capacity crowd

Church releases Layton temple rendering

President Nelson to visit Southeast Asia next month

Historic conference ends with call to prepare for 2020 bicentennial of First Vision

General conference: Twitter reacts to 2020 news, temple questions update, Sunday afternoon session

President Nelson explains why the church has given more than $2 billion to humanitarian aid worldwide

Sunday afternoon session: Edited temple recommend questions, bicentennial year, an April conference ‘different’ than any other

Church News: See the list of revised temple recommend questions shared by President Nelson

General conference: Twitter reacts to Sunday morning session

Church leaders speak on charity, belonging and great adventures in Sunday morning session

How many Latter-day Saint temples are there? Here’s the updated number

General conference: Elder Rasband says ‘thank you’ to the Boy Scouts of America

Days never to be forgotten: President Nelson keeps up church’s ‘accelerated pace’

October 2019 general conference: Here are all the changes that were announced

8 new Latter-day Saint temples, including 2 in Utah, announced by President Nelson at women’s session

Women’s session: Promise of spiritual blessings, revised Young Women theme and new temples

General conference: Here’s how Twitter reacted to Saturday’s sessions

Kanye West isn’t only for Kanye anymore: He’s for God, Jesus and worship

More changes announced at conference: Young Men and Young Women programs, terminology and budgets

Hundreds march in Utah rally against child abuse

Church News: 9 General Authority Seventies receive emeritus status during general conference

‘Bold initiatives and new announcements’ have one purpose, church leaders say

Church News: Change announced for church’s study curriculum ‘Come, Follow Me’

189th Semiannual General Conference talk summaries, photo galleries

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189th Semiannual General Conference

HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are opening a hotel. Seriously.

After this week’s historic policy change, what’s next for Latter-day Saints at general conference?

Of all the success stories that began in Utah, none is larger than this one