The Church is collaborating with other religious organizations on more than 60 projects that will serve more than 42,000 children in the New York metro area
At the intersection of commerce, tourism and entertainment in the United States, leaders of charitable organizations kick off the global Giving Machine effort
Ashley Hatch opened up about how she leaned on her faith after this summer’s World Cup roster snub while appearing on a recent episode of the “All In” podcast
If we really care about our LGBTQ friends, this holiday season we’ll stop fighting and learn more deeply from each other
The official account for PragerU asked followers to respond with who a modern a prophet is
Having faith, or being faithful, is an attribute that Jesus Christ spoke highly of.
Do religious exercise rights protect access to abortion? Courts have been asked to decide.
How many Latter-day Saint temples are there? Which are under construction? See our list.
On the field, Andrew Gentry is a ‘beast’; off the field he’s a shepherd in his Latter-day Saint YSA ward
Those who insist that religion is a buzzkill have not read the literature.
Nativities, candies, socks, ornaments, cat treats: There’s an Advent calendar to suit every taste
How many Latter-day Saint temples are there? Which are operating and which are under renovation? See our list.
There are four “Lights On at Temple Square Concerts” that will be held at the Tabernacle this weekend.
Mark Wahlberg and Jonathan Roumie are among the celebrities inviting you to pray on the Hallow app.
Announced temples include those awaiting the initial stages of construction. Some have released renderings and expected dates. See the list.
The hymn highlights thankfulness for family, for time, for the earth and for Christ throughout its verses
Elder Ronald A. Rasband and Elder Dale G. Renlund posted tributes to President M. Russell Ballard on social media days after his funeral. See what they said and the photographs they included.
While fertility rates are down across the country — and in Utah too — new data suggests Latter-day Saint family size remains larger than average.
These Bible verses are about appreciation and gratitude for God.
Gratitude directed toward people and God unlocks empathy and leads to loving and helping others.
The Light the World Giving Machines are amplifying women’s voices in Africa, where donated livestock is sending girls to school and launching businesses.
In honor of the 60th anniversary of the author’s death, here’s a list of some of his most famous works
A new BYU study reinforces previous research on how the principle of indebtedness elevates gratitude practices
The death of the famous Christian author and apologist was initially obscured by the assassination of John F. Kennedy
This holiday season, don’t just set places at your table for friends and family. Set places for others you might not normally think to include.
“I love the power of our collective community, the power we have to make a difference,” Utah first lady Abby Cox said.
President Abraham Lincoln openly encouraged prayer when he made Thanksgiving a national holiday.
The president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints promised that students will be blessed with answers to hard questions.
“Christianity is absolutely the core ingredient in why Martin Luther King Jr. is Martin Luther King Jr.,” says author Jonathan Eig.
The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has assigned President Jeffrey R. Holland to rededicate the temple where he married his wife 50 years ago
Videos and photographs show fire tearing through the roof of the meetinghouse near Washington, D.C. Two firefighters were struck by debris when part of the roof collapsed
A man impersonating a Catholic priest recently stole $500 from a church in Houston.
During the worldwide devotional, Elder Cook shared that young adults around the globe ‘share similar longings, aspirations and concerns’
Dallas Jenkins also announced that Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene in ‘The Chosen’) will be part of his new movie.
The Church of Jesus Christ emphasizes self-reliance and helping members feel empowered to meet their temporal, spiritual and emotional needs
‘I pray that someday when I pass to the next world, I may do so with my testimony burning brightly,’ said President Ballard in April 2023 general conference
On Nov. 17, the singer released her 49th studio album, which happens to mark her first — and probably only — rock album in her decadeslong career.
At his funeral Friday, President M. Russell Ballard was remembered as one of the most remarkable and dedicated missionaries of his or any era.
The wife of Chiefs coach Andy Reid, along with Tavia Hunt, announced the machines on Instagram.
President M. Russell Ballard, who was acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Nov. 12. He was 95.
While no organization operates perfectly, I’ve been impressed by a range of effective systems and practices implemented to protect children in the global church.