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Messages of peace offer a brief respite from a noisy world at First Presidency Christmas Devotional

Sister Jones testifies of Christ as ‘the gift that never stops giving’

I didn’t want to be gay, Ed Smart tells LGBTQ conference

Inside the newsroom: If Christians and Jews can sing together there must be a way for universal harmony

Oman ambassador joins Elder Rasband in illuminating Christmas lights at Washington D.C. Temple

Want to feel happier? Serve others

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Religion is motivated by more than wish-fulfillment or death

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See the new interior renderings for the Salt Lake Temple

9 Latter-day Saints killed in plane crash remembered for gospel-driven commitment to helping others

What’s new: Scriptural scholars share principles and patterns from Alma for our day in book from Sperry Symposium

Ministering from ‘A to Z’ — Elder Rasband’s visit to the Pacific included members, missionaries, and grandsons

‘Underground’ service project at Provo MTC yields 350,000 meal kits

Gratitude for the dirt beneath our feet

The unique way the BYU cross country team celebrated its national championship

‘Practicing gratitude’: Sharing blessings of recognizing the Lord’s hand in daily life

Despite troubles and sorrows, there is always something to be grateful for

Picturing history: Birth site of Emma Hale Smith, in Harmony, Pennsylvania

Will Temple Square have Christmas lights during the Salt Lake Temple reconstruction?

BYU-Idaho reverses Medicaid decision, apologizes for ‘turmoil’

Church’s #LightTheWorld Giving Machines expand to 10 locations: Here’s where

5 things that set ‘The Christ Child’ video apart from other versions of the Nativity story

How a unique partnership between Latter-day Saint Charities and Cambodia is saving lives

Remembering Mr. Mac and the art of the sale

Scott Taylor: One word that defines the path of discipleship

Book review: ‘Bridges’ aims to teach members how to help, rather than hurt, those who doubt their faith

First Presidency announces change to April 2020 general conference

Session change to April 2020 general conference announced by the First Presidency

Video: How Southeast Asia Latter-day Saints are destined to be a force for good

The ‘marks of Jesus’ and Padre Pio

Church History Museum exhibit celebrates Relief Society’s role in Utah’s suffrage movement

President Nelson finishes 7-day, 4-country Southeast Asia ministry in Indonesia

President Nelson says the Church will grow in Indonesia — one faithful family at a time

Video: President Nelson, Elder Christofferson talk about their most important message during Southeast Asia Ministry

President Nelson honors the church’s growth in Singapore for its 50th anniversary

Church to add 8 new missions. Here’s where they will be located around the world

Profiles of Latter-day Saints who have been prominent lawyers highlighted in book

Most Americans want to protect churches and people of faith. Then it gets complicated

Scouting ends but camping continues, so ‘learn to love it,’ Young Men general leaders say

Picturing history: Thomas Jefferson and the prelude to the Restoration

Here’s a look at the reaction to Chick-fil-A’s recent donations announcement

Cambodian church members greet President Nelson and learn of new temple site

Chick-fil-A will end multiyear donations to these two Christian organizations

New Young Men theme, mobile app, camp guides and recognition emblems part of Children and Youth program

Video: President Nelson, Elder Christofferson share the ‘great hope’ they feel for the church’s future in Vietnam