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This Latter-day Saint is running for governor in Massachusetts (and he’s not Mitt Romney)

This African boxing legend will be a keynote speaker at RootsTech 2022

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Can we heal religious rifts with tweets and Facebook posts?

A new course on interfaith leadership aims to harness the power of the internet for good.

Popular podcast journalist speaks at BYU about the case for nonviolent protests

Why the Joseph Smith Papers published a photographic record of this significant church document

Episode 67: Sister Nelson on being an eyewitness to President Nelson’s four years as Prophet

Why these Republicans say faith-based foster care agencies need our support

Latter-day Saint temple reopenings: Here are the latest updates

Latter-day Saint missionaries follow island protocols after returning home to Kiribati and testing positive for COVID-19

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Find unexpected common ground in politics

Those willing to set aside suspicions about their political opponents can find unexpected common ground.

New responsibilities for Primary counselors among latest updates to the General Handbook

Here’s how much the Giving Machines raised for charity during #LightTheWorld in 2021

Latter-day Saint missionaries temporarily leave Ukraine due to political tensions

The Church has an ‘unparalleled future’ in Europe, President Nelson tells Latter-day Saints from 48 European countries

Which Latter-day Saint apostle will speak at RootsTech’s Family Discovery Day?

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The untold stories of American religious life

Yes, interest in organized religion is declining. But that’s not the only story you can tell about American religious life.

See the locations of the Church’s 265 temples across 6 maps

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Can places of worship stay open ... and safe?

In the wake of the antisemitic incident in Colleyville, Texas, there is an increased sense of urgency around security training for the Jewish community.

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First look: Provo Latter-day Saint temple will have dramatic new design

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released renderings for a major rebuild of the original Provo temple, which call for an extreme makeover of the temple’s exterior.

How seminary blessed the life of President Ballard growing up in a family that didn’t attend church

First Presidency sends letter of love and support to Latter-day Saints in Tonga

Watch the story Elder Holland told to show God is a loving ‘Father of forgiveness’

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BYU responds to federal investigation of its LGBTQ policies

Office of Civil Rights Assistant Secretary Catherine Lhamon reaffirmed in a letter to BYU’s president that BYU is exempt in 15 areas of Title IX.

Inside the first 18 months of the new mission in Ethiopia: Pandemic, civil unrest and lots of miracles

Pope Benedict XVI accused of wrongdoing in the handling of abuse cases

Official church pamphlet aims to help Latter-day Saints understand, treat Muslims better

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Can religious freedom still bring Democrats and Republicans together?

The National Committee for Religious Freedom is hoping to reduce faith-related conflict.

More than just sewing fabric — Days for Girls service project changes lives of givers and receivers

This Argentine singer and actor will be a keynote speaker at RootsTech. Learn more about Diego Torres

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How to combat antisemitism in your office

Antisemitic behavior is not always obvious. Here’s what experts want you to watch out for.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: How 2 car accidents demonstrate the power of forgiveness, faith

Episode 66: BYU athletic directors Tom Holmoe and Liz Darger on excellence in sports, BYU’s Honor Code, gospel principles; featuring Sheri Dew as guest host

Elder Andersen shares counsel with BYU–Hawaii students on how to look at New Year’s resolutions

Utah celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day; President Nelson issues call to 'abandon prejudice'

President Russell M. Nelson honors Martin Luther King Jr.: ‘Abandon attitudes and actions of prejudice’

Can a Christian group’s flag fly over city hall?

Hostages safe after standoff inside Texas synagogue; captor dead

Man takes hostages during services at a Texas synagogue

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Struggling to get along with those who believe differently than you? That’s how America is meant to be

It’s important that democracies maintain generously spaced guardrails to protect religious pluralism.

See photos from President Russell M. Nelson’s 4 years as President of the Church

Church urges Latter-day Saints to schedule temple appointments far in advance

‘Guilty, your honor’: Man who dressed as Captain Moroni for Jan. 6 Capitol breach makes plea deal

2 apostles, 3 major American writers to speak at BYU this semester

Elder Holland will speak at BYU as apostles focus on young adults

What is antisemitism and why does it persist in America?

An award-winning actor and French baker will be among the keynote speakers at RootsTech 2022

Take a look at invitations President Nelson has extended since he became Prophet

Man who dressed as Captain Moroni in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach expected to make plea deal