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Church announces Saturday evening session of general conference will continue in new format

A view of the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.
People leave the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, following general conference in 2004. Church leaders announced Tuesday that there will be a Saturday evening session starting in October 2021.
Stuart Johnson, Deseret News

Less than two months after eliminating the Saturday evening session of general conference, the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has decided to bring it back in a different format.

Beginning with the October 2021 Semiannual General Conference, all members and friends of the church are invited to view a Saturday evening general session, the First Presidency wrote in a letter to general and local leaders Tuesday.

In early June 2021, church leaders opted to no longer hold the Saturday evening session “based on changes in technology that make it possible for all members and friends to view each session of general conference, including the women’s session and the priesthood session,” Tuesday’s letter said.

After additional study and prayer, however, church leaders felt Latter-day Saints would appreciate additional teaching and instruction.

“We recognize the increasing challenges facing members of the church worldwide in our day. An important way to fortify against these challenges comes through hearing the word of God (see Alma 31:5),” the letter said. “Therefore, after additional study and prayer, we have felt impressed to continue to hold the Saturday evening session of general conference, albeit in a different format than in the past.”

The new Saturday evening session will not have a specific theme or be intended for any particular demographic or leadership group.

“Holding this session will allow for more gospel topics to be taught and permit more general leaders to address the conference,” the letter said.