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Pope Francis says he will do whatever it takes to end the Ukraine war

Pope Francis talked about the Ukraine-Russia war in a new interview

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Pope Francis arrives at the Vatican.

Pope Francis arrives for his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

Alessandra Tarantino, Associated Press

Pope Francis said in a recent interview with the Argentinian daily newspaper “La Nacion” that he will do anything he can to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Francis does not plan to visit Kyiv, Ukraine, anytime soon. But he said he will always conduct efforts to bring peace.

“The Vatican never rests,” the Pope said, per Vatican News.

“I cannot tell you the details because they would cease to be diplomatic efforts. But the attempts will never stop.”

In fact, Francis called for a truce between the two nations back on Palm Sunday, hoping that Easter would bring calmness to the raging war, according to the National Catholic Register.

“Let the weapons be put down! Let the Easter truce begin,” he said.

Pope Francis has cleared his schedule for a medical check on his painful knee, per ABC News.

Strained ligaments on his right knee “have made walking, standing and getting up from his chair increasingly difficult and painful,” according to ABC News.

Francis will reportedly undergo the medical checks within the city-state of the Vatican and he will not visit an external hospital.

In order to do so, he has canceled a number of appointments.

“My health is a bit capricious,” he said earlier in April, per ABC News. “I have this problem with my knee which makes problems of mobility and walking. It’s a bit painful. But it’s getting better. At least I can move.”

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