Weight typically starts to creep up in middle age, but keeping it under control could be fairly simple.
The Utah State University program works to accelerate studies on preventing and managing dementia.
President Katalin Novák met with members of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during a visit to Utah.
Google Flights’ price guarantee can be a helpful tool when planning your next trip
A new study says other physical activity likely isn’t enough to overcome the risk from regular long spells of sitting.
There are indications that store shelves are less full, but Congress has failed to act on bills to boost the formula supply.
More than two-thirds of teens say they find it hard to take a break from technology, a new study shows.
It’s been about a year since Penny and her husband let a man going through a hard time stay in their rental house. Do they just give the house or attempt a rental agreement?
Katalin Novák has focused her presidency on encouraging marriage and having children to save the world.
Pandemic benefits are going away this weekend, which could put some child care providers and families in a bind.
Red dye 40 is linked to hyperactive behavior in some children
With so many messages today about identity and gender, here are 10 suggestions to help parents and their gender-questioning teens.
A gallup poll found support for having three or more kids at highest level since the early 1970s.
Every year, 40,000 kids age out of foster care. Offering to send them to college is not a magic solution.
Mystery shows are essential to a balanced television-watching schedule
Katalin Novák to talk about families and the roles of women in society during stop in Utah.
At least 2,000 children die a year from traumatic bleeding that might be prevented with optimal care.
Emilee Segura was born deaf, but early intervention allowed her to hear, and speak, as well as anyone; she’s made it her life’s work to use her story to tell others what is possible.
Fours days on the iconic southeastern Utah trail brought tears of sadness and joy, and memories to cherish.
A smartwatch can keep parents connected with their children without the downsides of smartphones.
The maternal mortality rate is shocking but bipartisanship legislation offers a way to improve outcomes for both mothers and babies.
Food safety specialists advise home canners to read the label on vinegar before using it for food preservation.
AARP, others suggests games boost well-being for all ages, but especially for lonely older folks.
There is no gentle way to prepare kids for the adult reality of a harsh world.
A new study says the advantage of growing up in a married, two-parent family has grown between generations.
The nasal spray would have been the first needle-free alternative to EpiPen injections.
Dave Ramsey gives advice on circumstances where you shouldn’t get life insurance for your parents
The Deseret News spent 17 months following the end of life of homeless people living at The INN Between.
How to recognize symptoms and implementing precautions against RSV
The Hallmark network is notorious for its holiday-themed romance movies, but its also got quite a few fall-themed romance movies worth a watch
When it comes to boosting your health, sometimes what you think is true really isn’t.
Wedding bells could peal often in 2024, according to Signet Jewelers. Its survey suggests a big rebound in proposals.
Children in married families do better in life. How can we better track family metrics?
Kids nowadays just don’t want their parents’ stuff and we shouldn’t leave our stuff for them to deal with.
Nearly 4 in 10 Americans are pessimistic about the future of the family, a new survey shows.
We rode from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., on the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath over four days.
In July, Utah rolled out its statewide lethality assessment protocol program. Now, service providers are seeing an 83% increase in high risk victim referrals.
Why sliding into marriage doesn’t work
A new survey found that 7 in 10 Americans say they know what can be done for someone dealing with addiction.
If you wanted to learn more about your dog’s wellness, Ancestry’s new kit may help
What you understand about catnapping can help you tailor your snooze to meet your needs. But there’s a time limit.
Congenital malformations as well as low birthweight and short gestation are the leading causes of infant deaths.
When the car insurance gives you two options, ‘Take the bigger check,’ Ramsey wrote. Advice on what to do when your car is damaged
Experts warn that chronic stress can lead to serious health challenges, including heart disease and depression.
Arrest of parenting vlogger Ruby Franke has reignited debate over the line between discipline and abuse.