Adolescents need positive role models and mentors in their lives, and coaches are uniquely qualified to fill that role.
I didn’t want to foist a public identity on my kids at a point when they really couldn’t comprehend or consent to what that would entail.
Inflation has drastically risen this year. Here’s how families are back-to-school shopping in the middle of rising prices.
Ready to let your child lounge around in luxury? Check out the nine best bean bags for kids.
When it comes to back-to-school shopping, you don’t have to break the bank. Check out the best back-to-school sales this year
A research study has found that increasing the number of hours you sleep can reduce your weight simply by cutting your calorie intake.
A new research study published in the journal PLOS Medicine has found that eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes could increase longevity — as many as 13 years — in men and women ages 20 to 80.
Congress provided $400 million to assist current and former foster youths, temporarily expanding eligibility through age 26.
A child’s social skills around the time they are in kindergarten are a bigger indicator of their future chances of success than their academics, according to a 2015 study.
You meet the one, you start dating, you get engaged ... but now, when will you have your wedding? To help you choose which day will mark a milestone for the rest of your life, we’ve broken down some key aspects that might make a specific time of the year the perfect time for your big day.
The fear of being an empty-nester is something many parents experience as their children age. While this phenomenon may seem to be a social construct, studies show that loneliness can actually have a huge impact on your life expectancy.
According to a 2019 study, only time spent watching television and playing passive video games affected children’s academic performance, rather than screen time in general.
Thousands of family members, friends and firefighters from across Utah gathered at the Maverik Center on Monday for a 2 1/2 hour ceremony filled with many tears and laughter as speakers reflected on Burchett’s life.
After a failed shopping experience that ended with my 2-year old having a bloody nose, I blame car shopping carts and not poor parenting. I’ll argue anyone who says otherwise.
In tax debt? Don’t be fooled by the promise of an easy fix. Yes, Uncle Sam’s collection powers are no joke. But don’t pay for services you can get for free by dealing directly with the IRS.
After watching my son, Ace, win the 800-meters at his fifth-grade district track meet, I noticed a familiar face, making his way around the final turn. It was his childhood friend. Each had different races, with one very important thing in common.
Buttermilk creates a moist texture when blended with cinnamon and vanilla, giving you an old-fashioned dessert. Finish with a warm glaze of brown sugar, cinnamon, coconut and oats. Young chefs in your home will find this a piece of cake to prepare.
Over the past five years, I have written this fitness column, and I’ll admit it has been less than tolerant. In fact, it has often been downright intolerant. Well, I’ve tasted some humble pie, and let this article serve as my admittance.
Michelle Singletary clears up some common misunderstandings about debt collection.
With less than a week left until the tax-filing deadline, here are some recent cases of people who have gotten jail time for tax fraud.
Being a mom is hard, especially with two very busy toddlers. On second thought, I’d rather be the toddler.
As I watch my children compete in their respective athletic events, I am living vicariously through them. And that’s not such a bad thing.
By law, taxpayers have just three years to claim a refund. So, this April 17 is the last chance to get your money for the 2014 tax year. But like the lottery, where you have to play to win, you have to file to collect a refund.
Tiffany Haddish — who grew up in foster care and is now socializing with such big-time uber wealthy actors and actresses as Will and Jada Smith — is holding on to her frugal roots.
Hogle Zoo originated in Liberty Park and later moved to the mouth of Emigration Canyon. However, the zoo almost moved back to Liberty Park in 1936.