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Few immigrants have influenced the course of America’s role in the world as profoundly and for as long as Henry Kissinger, who died last week at age 100
Can Rep. Celeste Maloy secure a full 2-year term? Will Rep. John Curtis run for Senate? Who will win the presidential election?
By 2050, Utah is forecast to reach a population of approximately 5 million
Our state lawmakers are right to intensify the fight against illegal, disposable, flavored vapes
Most Americans should be grateful to live in a time of unprecedented prosperity. Unfortunately, too many incorrectly believe we are on the precipice of a dystopian future
Utah has integrated into the global marketplace and boasts one of the most diverse economies in the U.S. But ineffective trade policies still hold us back
While the Constitution allows for the vice president and a majority of the president’s cabinet to remove a president who is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” there is no comparable process for removing an incompetent senator.
In the closely divided U.S. House of Representatives, every vote matters
A recent study revealed that nuclear testing fallout reached 46 states, including all of Utah
Our past is replete with examples of Americans being coaxed into wars unnecessarily — and sometimes because they were duped.
Brad Wilson will be resigning from his position as the Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives on Nov. 15.
If one person or a group of people can independently exercise all government powers, power is concentrated and unchecked
The first challenge is demystifying higher education.
What are politicos conjecturing about the outcome of the Salt Lake City mayoral race?
The mayor’s race, which is officially nonpartisan, is for a four-year term. Ballots were mailed Oct. 31, and voting is currently underway. The final Election Day is Nov. 21.
The mayor’s race, which is officially nonpartisan, is for a four-year term. Ballots were mailed Oct. 31, and voting is currently underway. The final Election Day is Nov. 21.
The mayor’s race, which is officially nonpartisan, is for a four-year term. Ballots were mailed Oct. 31, and voting is currently underway. The final Election Day is Nov. 21.
The next time we feel compelled to like, share or comment, we should remember the responsibility that comes with it
The proposed bipartisan federal legislation that is currently being considered in Congress aims to rein in swipe fees by leveling the playing field with free market competition.
Utah’s municipal election and the 2nd Congressional District special election will be on Nov. 21
Should the government be involved in marriage matters? It benefits Utah families and the state as a whole when marriages succeed
Utah should enact a law to protect Utahns from non-medical switching, or the practice of compelling a stable patient to change medications for reasons other than health and safety.
What Halloween nightmares are Mitt Romney, Mike Lee and other Utah politicians dreaming up?
Each generation inherits the responsibility of ensuring that these liberties are not merely retained but invigorated
Hispanic youth need civic education opportunities, mentorship and exposure to leaders of all backgrounds who will support and encourage them
Why have we allowed China to establish dominance on crucial materials for clean energy and military production?
The toxic menace lingers into fall and even winter — not just in Utah, but nationwide. No state has been spared. What will it take to finally heal this national epidemic?
We now know that if it doesn’t work out, it would be easy to depose Donald Trump. His speakership could solve a lot of problems.
Gov. Cox said he will “refuse to let Salt Lake City turn into San Francisco or Portland”
There is too large a gulf between what families with young children can afford to pay and what child care providers need to charge
Policies continue to circulate on Capitol Hill that attack pharmacy benefit companies, entities that encourage innovation and help to secure savings for countless patients across Utah
Who will Utah voters support in the context of a world in turmoil and the U.S. House in disarray?
In a polarized political landscape, there is real value in the middle ground.
It has been a dark week for Jews around the world. But the message from Utahns is clear.
The CDC guidelines recommend that a prescriber should ‘carefully weigh the risks and benefits’ of prescribing opioids — but the risks and benefits are always the same
Narges Mohammadi was awarded the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize for ‘her fight against the oppression of women in Iran and her fight to promote human rights and freedom for all’
After the ousting of Kevin McCarthy from his role as speaker of the House, what will the Republican Party do?
80% of new homes sold in the West in 2022 were in HOAs
Former Utah Gov. Gary Herbert weighs in on the ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and what should happen next.
Many people are afraid to consider hospice because they do not understand exactly what hospice is
The ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reflects short-term thinking over the long-term best interests of the nation.
Gen Z doesn’t trust government institutions, and Sen. John Fetterman is wearing gym clothes on the Senate floor. How do we reinstate confidence in our government systems?
From a Chinese spy balloon to Russian hackers posing as tech support, these attacks directly threaten our national security. The tech sector is our greatest ally
While lawmaking is a full-time job in some other states, Utah is different.
Mitt Romney is a strong conservative, but some Republicans can’t overlook his role as Donald Trump’s chief Republican critic.
It is not enough for Americans today to merely celebrate the United States Constitution. We must honor its great fundamentals.