For months, scientists were keeping an eye on BA.2.75, dubbed Centaurus, until the BA.5 mutation evolved and took over
The Southern Hemisphere’s “unnerving flu season” suggests more cases are coming this winter.
A recent study in the UK found that Gen Zers are more sober than any other generation.
Report identifies 15 areas for improvement to allow agency to respond more quickly.
People are surviving cancer at better rates today than any other time in history.
Researchers continue to learn more about the adverse mental effects to babies from cannabis use during pregnancy.
Approximately 9.5% of adults have depression. Is that better or worse than before the pandemic?
Just having a pedometer helps you increase your step count according to BYU study.
Illiana spent the day doing all of her favorite things, including singing her favorite “Little Mermaid” song in front of a live audience.
The subvariant is already behind 25% of reported cases in Belgium and 10% of cases in Denmark, Germany, and France.
Eating a variety of foods help your gut microbiome which in turn helps your overall health.
The mixed messaging is “unfortunate,” some say, but others agree with the president.
Study says those who go to bed late may face more health challenges that their early-to-bed friends won’t encounter
WHO advises against these COVID treatments because of their ineffectiveness against Omicron variants.
There are two specific symptoms that could be signs that a positive COVID-19 test is coming
In under a year, two infants were killed in this Cincinnati home by mishaps of co-sleeping
The breathwork style that can calm a racing mind was coined by integrative medicine specialist Dr. Andrew Weil in 2015, but it is an ancient practice with roots in yoga.
Here’s a list of the most expected side effects from the new COVID-19 booster shot.
Actor Jeff Bridges was exposed to COVID-19 after going through cancer treatment. Here’s what happened
Research from Case Western Reserve University suggests greater risk of Alzheimer’s among those 65 and older who get COVID-19.
About 40% of Americans will have a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. For Americans living far from cities and cancer institutes, cancer treatment looks very different.
The possibility of future waves still exists — the new omicron variant BA.4.6 that recently emerged already accounts for over 9% of reported cases
Utah health officials reported 2,487 new COVID-19 cases over the past week and 12 additional deaths. They also announced the state surpassed 5,000 deaths as of Thursday.
The doctor removed a polyp during the 30-minute procedure, which was filmed to raise awareness of colorectal cancer screening
A new report ranks all 50 states using data from U.S. health records
Mean girls aren’t just in high school. Here’s more about adult bullying — and how to prevent it
The nation’s first case in nearly a decade was detected in an unvaccinated man from a New York City suburb.
The omicron symptoms are also much different than the original COVID-19 variant
After six months of frantic searching for formula, parents are starting to believe the worst may be over. But the supply’s not back to normal yet.
Experts say get a COVID-19 booster now, but you may want to wait on a flu shot.
This is her second Emmy for the role of Rue in ‘Euphoria.’
The company enjoyed the work-from-home boom during the early pandemic, but has struggled since
Research suggests that the new omicron variant BA.4.6 is even better at evading immunity
The free school meals many families have grown accustomed to over the past two years will no longer be available to every student
Both deaths under investigation to determine if monkeypox was a contributing cause of death
As the West continues to cope with a historic drought and a windy summer, here’s what you need to know about wildfires.
Burnout and fatigue have transcended the workplace to dating apps. Some users have experienced increased frustration and disappointment, while others have found ‘the one’
Decades of physical and emotional abuse came out, as McCurdy discussed her life and new memoir on Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield Norris’s show.
Utah is blanketed under an healthy swath of wildfire smoke from states to the north, but cooler air is upon us.
Multiple studies show a link between post-COVID symptoms and mental health, including a link to suicidal thoughts
Understanding the progression of an illness can help doctors identify it quickly.
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