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No need to wipe down Halloween candy this year, so how do trick-or-treaters stay safe from COVID-19?

Intermountain Healthcare to require all employees be vaccinated against COVID

Will parents vaccinate their kids against COVID-19? New poll has answers

Your heating bill is about to go up

Utahns line up for COVID-19 booster shots

Man-made islands could change Utah Lake forever. Here are 6 things you need to know

Utah, Idaho see hopeful numbers on the horizon, but hospitals still strained with COVID-19

How Salt Lake County mayor proposes to use $64.3M in federal pandemic funding

How a rural Utah school district connects with kids who ‘flip their lids’

Why is Salt Lake County releasing COVID-19 vaccination rates by zodiac signs?

Man-made islands and residential living on Utah Lake? This proposal wants to try

How a Utah researcher’s work contributed to the surgery attaching a pig kidney in human

Opinion: I’m a believer and a doctor. Our abortion debate is broken

In spite of COVID-19 shot mandates, conservatives propose Natural Immunity is Real Act. Is it? 

Your guide to the Salt Lake City Council election

This doctor says Idaho has ‘lost the war’ against COVID-19

Utah Health Department 'strongly influenced' by feds instead of state lawmakers, state audit says

Front-line fatigue: COVID resurgence leaves ICU doctors feeling ‘heavy in the soul’

The real reason why Bill Clinton is in the ICU

New survey reveals how Utah students are weathering the COVID-19 pandemic

Should Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients get ready to roll up their sleeves again?

Confused about COVID-19 booster shots? Here are answers

Will FDA authorization of 1st e-cigarette spark more teen vaping?

Utah’s COVID-19 hospitalizations as high as during pandemic’s peak — and cases may be on the way up

Utah reaches ‘sad and sobering milestone’ in number of COVID-19 deaths

The cost of the pandemic for American families

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COVID-19 pill may be a pandemic game changer

But Utah experts say the antiviral drug isn’t a cure and won’t replace vaccinations in preventing the spread of the deadly virus.

University of Utah engineers develop new exoskeleton to help amputees walk more easily

Front-line fatigue: ICU nurses taking brutal blows to their mental health

Drop in Utah COVID-19 cases stalls. What that means for hospitals

When bad air puts NCAA sports at risk

Looking for an at-home COVID-19 test? They’re in short supply in Utah, but more may be on the way

Utah Sen. Mike Lee to the Department of Justice: Leave parents alone

Utah has one of the highest rates of uninsured kids. Could insuring them save taxpayers millions?

The latest COVID-19 surge may have peaked. Will the virus hit that hard again?

Why should older adults get the COVID-19 booster shot? 200 Utah deaths avoided in early 2021 thanks to vaccines, study says

How much money does renewable energy make for rural Utah’s economy? It’s more than you’d think

Front-line fatigue: Unseen and unappreciated, some respiratory therapists hit mental breaking point

Fatigue. Aches. Difficulty breathing. For some Utah kids, post-COVID-19 issues are worse than the virus

Perspective: CDC statement on vaccines plays politics with expecting mothers

Getting a flu shot? Now you can get the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time

Will Gov. Cox support a bill banning business vaccine mandates? The answer is still no

Need a COVID-19 test? Utah trying to make it easier, reduce wait times

Why Rep. Chris Stewart won’t be attending Utah Jazz games this year — or maybe ever

Dr. Fauci reveals when you should get your flu vaccine

You can now get a COVID-19 booster shot in Utah. Here’s what you need to know

This man died from rabies after he refused treatment. Here’s what happened

Utah Sen. Mike Lee says people are scared of Biden’s vaccine mandate. ‘I’m here to defend them’