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Video of dog ‘racing’ at Utah high school track meet goes viral

SHARE Video of dog ‘racing’ at Utah high school track meet goes viral

Holly, a golden doodle, catches up to Logan’s Gracie Laney during the 4x200 relay at the Grizzly Invitational in Logan, Utah. Video of the race has gone viral.

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A video originating in Logan, Utah, has gone viral thanks to a dog.

The Grizzly Invitational high school track meet last weekend had the makings of a normal competition when, during the girls 4x200 relay, a dog ran out onto the track and got right in the action.

The race was being recorded, and video of it has gone beyond the borders of Utah and even the United States, as outlets such as The Guardian and BBC have written about it, along with many large and small outlets in the U.S.

As told by MileSplit’s Joshua Ornelas, Logan’s Gracie Laney was about 120 meters from winning the heat as the anchor leg when a golden doodle named Holly ran out on the track. Like any good runner, Holly started back in the pack before “drafting” her way up toward Laney.

Holly ultimately caught up to Laney and even tripped her up for a brief moment right at the finish line.

“I felt (Holly) coming up on me on the side about the last 50m or so, I thought it was a runner at first but then I realized that it was a dog!,” Lacey told Ornelas. “I almost lost focus for a second deciding what was happening and still trying to run the race but I just decided to keep running and finish the race with a new running buddy and hope that no one got hurt!”