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What ‘Target Tori’ and ‘Kroger Andy’ can teach us about public shaming

What you need to know about Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court

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The pandemic hit this group of Americans the hardest

According to new findings from the American Family Survey, about a quarter of Americans have suffered financially, and Hispanics are hurting the most.

How dangerous are the polls in a pandemic?

SCOTUS shortlist: The Utah senator

SCOTUS shortlist: A Black Lives Matter target

Utah, Western states, see huge spike in coronavirus cases

SCOTUS shortlist: ‘We love Florida’

Do Black people face obstacles in America? Your answer may depend on your political party affiliation

Relationships are helping people through the pandemic. But what if you’re not in one?

Romney, other senators told COVID-19 vaccine will be free to all Americans

American couples in 2020: More political talk, less sex

Surprise! Families have grown stronger during COVID-19, not weaker

Do you talk race with your children? You’re not alone

Should teachers or firefighters get a vaccine first? A look at the latest scenarios under consideration

Will Republicans have the votes to confirm a new Supreme Court justice?

Deseret News-BYU survey: Emotional, physical resources key to how kids fare

Your husband thinks he’s doing equal housework. You probably disagree

Attention, Congress: Survey finds both Republicans and Democrats liked the stimulus checks

Parents are more concerned about their boys becoming successful adults than their girls

The SCOTUS shortlist: Mike and Thomas Lee among President Trump’s potential nominees

Utah, meet your new neighbors: Raider Nation

Life was already challenging for student parents; COVID-19 made it much more difficult

How sexualization of girls creates long-term problems that harm all children

Americans could be vaccinated and back to ‘regular life’ sometime next year, officials say

Science mom’s work-from-home tweet goes viral as she advocates for struggling parents

The West’s power grid fails as wildfires hit Utah, Oregon and California

Joe Rogan to host Trump vs. Biden? Not likely

Will President Trump’s new list of potential justices help him in 2020 like it did in 2016?

Trump signs order to lower drug prices. Here are the details

Gen Z’s looking for religion. You’d be surprised where they find it

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The first new U.S. hub airport in decades is ready for takeoff

The first new U.S. hub airport to be built in decades could help make Salt Lake City the Crossroads of the World.

Are college sports in trouble? Asking for Kyle Whittingham

Parents don’t want their kids to become politicians, upcoming American Family Survey finds

I watched 9/11 unfold from a classroom. 10 years later, I was in Afghanistan

Netflix show prompts backlash and a conversation on objectionable content

What is a child allowance — it has nothing to do with chores — and why have diverse countries embraced it?

What do ‘prayer pods’ mean for the future of faith?

Utahns unemployed by the pandemic could see additional financial help soon

Have media trust issues?

Jews consider their place in America’s fraught racial landscape and ask: ‘Are we white?’

How has the American family fared under President Trump’s administration?

What family policy might look like if Biden and Harris are elected

Why do millions of American workers wish ‘just-in-time scheduling’ would stop?

What is antifa and how does it relate to the season of protests?

How a pandemic wreaks havoc on the finances of a tourism town

In a virtual funeral, joy comes in the mourning

How and why the Jewish American voter might be changing