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Utah’s $1.8 billion big bang that launched a new tech universe

‘I have PTSD from my experience. It’s just brutal.’ An FBI whistleblower talks about her experience

1,300 new stepfamilies form every day. Here’s how this Utah couple built a successful one

Would a Supreme Court ruling in favor of LGBTQ workers lead to ‘massive social upheaval’?

What the Supreme Court’s cases on LGBTQ rights and employment discrimination have to do with women’s sports

The insider view of the Turkey-Syrian border from someone who was there: Here’s why Trump’s troop withdrawal could lead to war between U.S. allies

Are you morally ready to design a baby?

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Impeachment, Inc.: Inside the money game of political maneuvering

In a political era defined by partisanship and cynicism, is an undertaking as serious as impeachment nothing more than a political scandal used for campaign fundraising?

Trump calls for Romney’s impeachment in Saturday Twitter storm

It’s killing dogs and cattle. It’s making people sick. It’s spreading throughout the country. And answers remain elusive

Should presidential candidates be able to keep medical records private?

The Christian case against socialized health care

The pope is making a statement about immigration with this new statue at the Vatican

Seeking justice, whistleblowers find a system stacked against them

Why a credit agency wants to see your bank statements

Should college athletes be paid for their names and images? Where college sports could go from here

Why Jeff Flake says the 2020 election is a chance for Republicans to save their souls

Bernie Sanders wants the government to pay your past-due medical bills. This nonprofit is already doing it

When President Trump talks about Israel, is he actually talking to evangelicals?

‘Addicting a new generation’: What everyone should know about the vaping epidemic

Infants are dying in these two American regions

What’s old is new: Kids struggle to quit nicotine

So your favorite team is tanking. Do you have to cheer?

Everything you didn’t know about Trump and impeachment

Why are Christians so un-Christian when it comes to politics?

Utah researcher Shuping Wang, credited with saving thousands as China AIDS crisis whistleblower, dies at 59

The gun violence solution that experts say won’t work

Why Mike Leach would get rid of ‘targeting’ and other insights from college football’s most interesting coach

From internet fame to internet infamy: How the Iowa beer guy became the face of ‘cancel culture’

The 6 percent solution? Legacy real estate model under fire from above and below

Ageism is costing this country billions. Here’s how

Why aren’t America’s favorite tech giants being punished for killing the competition?

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Are kids who play just one sport more likely to be injured? What about mental health?

Youth sports specialization is increasingly linked to physical injury. What about mental health?

Trump made a surprise appearance at a U.N. climate change conference. Here’s how activists reacted

In U.N. remarks, Trump calls for more activism on behalf of persecuted people of faith

8 religion-related cases to watch when the Supreme Court is back in session

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Waiting for 911: Ambulance drivers struggle to find rural homes without addresses

To understand the problem just look at the black spiral notebook of a UPS driver: It is filled with maps, phone numbers, the color of houses and 10 years of detailed notes on how to find people’s homes.

Why Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg met with Sen. Mike Lee, Trump and other lawmakers this week

America has a crisis of trust and it’s more nuanced than you may think

Toxic childhood experiences could lead to poor health later, but BYU study says neighbors, teachers, others can be the cure

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These 6 voters make the case for Donald Trump in 2020

We wanted to find out what appeals to Donald Trump’s supporters and why they believe he deserves another term. The economy, the judges and a get-the-job-done attitude is just part of it. Here are their stories.

Romney and friends say new national security adviser has skills to work with Trump

Why Sen. Mike Lee is skeptical federal antitrust probes into big tech will help consumers

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She told the judge her ex was threatening to kill their son. The judge said he didn’t believe her. Days later the baby boy was dead

Inside the family court crisis that has left more than 700 children dead and the growing national push for change.

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At the border: This is what happened on the first day of tent courtroom hearings in Laredo, Texas

Tent courtrooms are a temporary solution to a problem that will not be easily resolved: an exodus of migrants from Central America escaping violence and instability in countries such as El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Will the investment pay off?

He was a neo-Nazi leader. Now he’s standing in a synagogue seeking one thing from his Jewish audience

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Can Vietnam’s YouTube grandmother bridge one of the world’s greatest generation gaps?

The older generation is defined by war and hunger, the younger by peace and economic growth. This is the story of how one Vietnamese grandmother tapped a cooking pot and YouTube to bring a country together

Pessimism about family life could hurt society and families, experts say of survey results