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Can the U.S. government take DNA from immigrants without their consent?

California and Trump: A journey of mutual disdain explained

Marriage is down. Living together is up. But who’s the happiest?

Apple, China and a ‘defining moment’ for Silicon Valley

We have a culture of contempt, and here’s the cost

Republicans unified in opposing impeachment inquiry. Will division help or hurt Trump’s prospects?

Small churches, big changes

Trump policy draws criticism, but will it help people of faith help people in need?

The unlikely journey of Jordan Love

A divided House pushed through impeachment rules. Here’s how Utah’s delegation voted and reacted

Are overprotective parents ruining Halloween?

The house has voted. The impeachment inquiry is going public. Here’s what you need to know

What it’s like to live in a natural disaster zone

Money for gang members. Prizes for former substance abusers. Do rewards turn lives around?

The language of natural disasters

Pulling the plug: Will Trump sign a spending bill while impeachment marches on?

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Inside the mind of the man who keeps quarterback Tom Brady in the game

Some people say he’s a mystical healer; others have called him a quack. As his most famous client seeks a seventh Super Bowl win, Latter-day Saint Alex Guerrero explains his unconventional methods and why his work is compatible with his faith.

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The ride of the Saltwater Cowboy and its place in America’s horse culture

"This is the best of America, right here. In a world where traditions and legacy are being tossed aside, Chincoteague is not surrounded by the internet age. Chincoteague is still Chincoteague,"

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Genetic testing has exploded. But will your personal information be protected?

The direct-to-consumer genetic testing market is poised for explosive growth as faster, cheaper and more accurate testing techniques come to market.

Divided America: New research shows how deeply Democrats and Republicans disagree

What happened when the Republicans stormed the castle? Inside the House impeachment inquiry

Opioids killed at least 460,000 Americans. Now the manufacturers face a reckoning

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Crisis in the West: Americans will soon have a $5 billion wild horse problem and few know about it

Special report: An in-depth look at a dilemma called ‘the most wicked natural resource problem facing the West’

Is slaughtering wild horses a necessity? Tribes wrangle with controversial issue

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Could wild horses feed the world’s hungry ... or Siberian tigers and Amur leopards?

Controversial ideas abound with U.S. populations of horses, burros

‘America blinked’: Mitt Romney continues to challenge Trump’s decision on Syria

Going to the Utah Jazz game tonight? You’ll probably be distracted by this

The disturbing reality of unwanted sex on college campuses

Risk vs. reward: Should parents gamble on their kid being the next LeBron James?

People who can’t afford rent are living in their cars, and cities aren’t sure what to do about them

Can you protect religious minorities and still withdraw from Syria? A story of life and death

Why Democrat Ben McAdams just slammed Beto O’Rourke and agreed with Mike Lee

Christian share in U.S. sinking fast as religious landscape changes

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Danger at the synagogue: The story of a shooting tragedy that could have been much worse

"As Jews, we have always found solace and comfort in strengthening ourselves as a community," said Rabbi Avremi Zippel. "We don’t run. We don’t cower in fear."

Bernie shouts. Warren lectures. Is anybody listening?

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1,000 days of President Donald Trump

We’ve tracked his administration’s influence in the areas of political discourse, religion, the economy, immigration, government institutions and the media.

At Democratic debate, candidates question whether America is still a moral leader

Utah’s $1.8 billion big bang that launched a new tech universe

‘I have PTSD from my experience. It’s just brutal.’ An FBI whistleblower talks about her experience

During LGBTQ rights town hall, top Democrats call for limits on religious freedom

We checked out these dating apps for Trump supporters. Here’s what we found

How Mitt Romney survives the slings and arrows of team Trump

1,300 new stepfamilies form every day. Here’s how this Utah couple built a successful one

Would a Supreme Court ruling in favor of LGBTQ workers lead to ‘massive social upheaval’?

What the Supreme Court’s cases on LGBTQ rights and employment discrimination have to do with women’s sports

The insider view of the Turkey-Syrian border from someone who was there: Here’s why Trump’s troop withdrawal could lead to war between U.S. allies

Are you morally ready to design a baby?

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Impeachment, Inc.: Inside the money game of political maneuvering

In a political era defined by partisanship and cynicism, is an undertaking as serious as impeachment nothing more than a political scandal used for campaign fundraising?