The Supreme Court will soon hear cases on social media censorship, gun control and abortion.
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The winner of Tuesday’s Nevada GOP presidential primary will be rewarded no delegates.
Gov. Abbott of Texas said the state would expand its National Guard presence at the border.
The bill, which expands the child tax credit and bolsters tax breaks for businesses, is being hailed as bipartisan victory.
Until a few decades ago, most Democrats did not hate Republicans, and most Republicans did not hate Democrats.
A letter signed by 35 prominent organizations and individuals calls for investment in the child care system.
The Department of Labor’s WOW program seeks to reach people whose former employer owes them money.
In the dead of winter, waking before the sun can feel cursed. However, first tracks in the glow of sunrise can lift a person.
American legal scholar Martha Minow on true conflict resolution.
As they start independent lives, most adult children don’t shun their parents, a Pew Research Center study shows.
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BYU researchers reviewed the active ingredients that tackle cold symptoms and offer guidance on choosing a remedy.
A large share of U.S. adults believe that King had a very positive or somewhat positive impact on the country, according to Pew Research Center.
New research from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty explores Gen Z’s complicated — and sometimes conflicting — views about religious freedom.
Finding common ground may require challenging our personal narratives
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