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Why Trump’s new executive order on anti-Semitism is controversial

Sen. Mitt Romney questions fee hikes that will hit family history researchers hard

Focus of House Democrats’ articles of impeachment could be relief to moderate members of party. Here’s why

A store cashier may offer you a loan this holiday season. Here’s what to know before saying yes

Artificial intelligence will affect Utah more than other states, new study says

For Utah fans, excitement and then deflation

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Hallmark is making Hanukkah movies. I’m Jewish and not excited

‘If this is an attempt at being inclusive, it’s a major failure.’

Why Utah Rep. Chris Stewart and a coalition of LGBTQ and religious groups support ‘Fairness for all’ (and why others don’t)

What you need to know about a new bill that tries to balance religious freedom and LGBTQ rights

More art than science: The enigma behind college football’s playoff

Utah’s McAdams faces ‘two really bad options’ in likely impeachment vote

Trump to face articles of impeachment, accused of election tampering, abuse of power

Does federally supported relationship education help low-income couples?

Impeachment advances as Trump is accused of misconduct, obstruction

First-of-its-kind Utah law reopens uncharged rape cases: Can it keep pace with demand?

A bridge too far: How U.S. support for Ukraine keeps Russia at bay in eastern Europe

Nothing traditional about the variety of Advent calendars, which range from elegant to fun to kitten-friendly

Who is coaching our kids and are they properly trained? Why the answers are elusive

For teens and college-age kids to thrive, parents need to stop doing this

For Utes and Cougars, ‘manufactured rivalry’ weekend is bound to be a let-down

Shopping online this Black Friday may be worse for the environment. Here’s why

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I went home in search of Thanksgiving. What I found was something greater

Did going home help me find Thanksgiving in a year without Thanksgiving?

Want your kid to be successful? You need to have the money talk

The latest research on nonmarital births, and why it matters

Climate change ‘converts’ reveal what changed their minds

Why you should interview your family this Thanksgiving

It just got harder for the White House to keep officials from testifying on impeachment

Right policy, wrong approach? What experts are saying about a plan to tie foreign aid to religious freedom

When did ‘billionaire’ become a four-letter word? An inside look at wealth, poverty and presidential politics

Boundary issues: These Trump supporters want a wall so bad they’re paying for it 

Why Utah Rep. Chris Stewart says an impeachment trial in the Senate is ‘good news’

A resort town, a team and a dream: Park City scripts its own ‘Friday Night Lights’

Most Americans want to protect churches and people of faith. Then it gets complicated

From ‘3 amigos’ to ‘everyone was in the loop’ on quid pro quo in the impeachment hearings

Pete Buttigieg doesn’t shy away from discussing Christian faith — especially when it comes to gun control

Republicans attack testimony of decorated Army officer in impeachment hearing

Growing greener: U.S. cities are losing trees and their life-giving benefits. The scramble is on to replace them

Americans get rare glimpse of career diplomats through impeachment hearings

Social media rules: How to make sure you are not being creepy online

Religion is being pushed out of the public square. Research shows it’s only going to get worse

This Orthodox rabbi was sexually abused by his nanny for 10 years. See him tell his story in his own words

On live TV a presidential tweet becomes a star witness of its own in impeachment hearing

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Survivors speak out: Two decades of school shooting survivors speak out about solutions

The Deseret News spoke with ten people who lived through school shootings. For them, preventing gun violence is more than a policy debate.

A MAGA hat. A Trump sweatshirt. Pop-up Trump stores are not just business opportunities, they’re signs that Democrats have something to worry about

Long lines, tourists and partisan divide: Scenes from the impeachment hearings

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A nun, a shooting and the unlikely legacy that could save the Amazon rainforest

Sister Dorothy’s death drew international attention and was seen as a test of Brazil’s justice system in the Amazon, which has long had a reputation for corruption.

Why Christian voters should demand more from 2020 candidates

What’s at stake for Liberty Saturday at BYU? The realization of a 48-year vision