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Why Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg met with Sen. Mike Lee, Trump and other lawmakers this week

Toxic childhood experiences could lead to poor health later, but BYU study says neighbors, teachers, others can be the cure

Romney and friends say new national security adviser has skills to work with Trump

Why Sen. Mike Lee is skeptical federal antitrust probes into big tech will help consumers

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She told the judge her ex was threatening to kill their son. The judge said he didn’t believe her. Days later the baby boy was dead

Inside the family court crisis that has left more than 700 children dead and the growing national push for change.

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At the border: This is what happened on the first day of tent courtroom hearings in Laredo, Texas

Tent courtrooms are a temporary solution to a problem that will not be easily resolved: an exodus of migrants from Central America escaping violence and instability in countries such as El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Will the investment pay off?

He was a neo-Nazi leader. Now he’s standing in a synagogue seeking one thing from his Jewish audience

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Can Vietnam’s YouTube grandmother bridge one of the world’s greatest generation gaps?

The older generation is defined by war and hunger, the younger by peace and economic growth. This is the story of how one Vietnamese grandmother tapped a cooking pot and YouTube to bring a country together

Pessimism about family life could hurt society and families, experts say of survey results

Watch: American Family Survey: Myths on families, what people think about paid family leave

Tent courtrooms are set to open on the border. Can they solve America’s immigration crisis?

Utah has less obesity than much of the nation. Here’s why that’s nothing to celebrate

Faith and grace: Where was religion during the Democratic debate?

Do you know more than the average American about divorce, teen sex and other family trends? Take our quiz

What Americans — especially Republicans — get wrong about divorce, teen sex and out-of-wedlock births

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Are today’s marriages stronger, weaker or ‘out-of-date’?

New American Family Survey shows family stability, but rising concern about economic challenges

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The rich get paid to take care of their families. The poor don’t. Is it time for a national leave policy?

There are at least 4 policy proposals in Congress. A new survey shows the majority of Americans don’t like any of them.

Nearly 20 years after 9/11, is America too cynical for superheroes?

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How 9/11 changed the government’s relationship to American Muslims

The world today marks the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. with remembrances of all who perished. It’s also a time to measure the unintended consequences of the attacks.

Brexit explained: A novice’s guide to understanding UK’s departure from the European Union

Q&A: Acclaimed novelist Tope Folarin on immigration, the wall and growing up different in Utah

It’s college football Saturday: Welcome to the quarterback scramble and how it has changed the game forever

Why the Democratic Party faced a backlash for praising nonreligious voters

Drug abuse is a main driver behind America’s rising rate of ‘deaths of despair’

The problem with common-law marriage? It’s usually about divorce

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Are American youth sports in crisis? Inside the competitive youth world many say needs to change

While American childhood was once dotted with pickup basketball and recreational baseball, today’s youth sports opportunities are increasingly exclusive, specialized and professionalized.

The traumatizing effects of drilling for an active shooter on school campuses. Is there a better way?

Why a case about one Idaho man’s distinctive religious belief could be headed to the Supreme Court

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Could psychedelic drugs become the new medical marijuana? Inside the potential benefits and high risks of ‘magic mushrooms’

On May 7, residents of Denver, Colorado, voted to decriminalize the use and possession of "magic mushrooms." Oakland, California, followed suit on June 5. Oregon will vote on it in 2020. Does America really know what it’s getting into?

The ‘doink’ heard around Utah: How one kicker didn’t let a missed field goal in the BYU-Utah game define him

Why understanding the relationship between Christianity and slavery is ‘hard, soul-shaking work’

Fast-growing pickleball occupies a rare space in the American sports landscape

Utah State University Eastern professor put on administrative leave following sexual harassment allegation

Some say Internet access is a human right. What happens when a government decides to shut it down?

Here’s why Andrew Luck just may be the best role model we have for parents and children

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Can balanced media survive in the current politically divisive environment?

News organizations across the country face a monumental challenge: how to consistently report the news in a way that is not only true, fair and balanced, but is also perceived as true, fair and balanced in the highly polarized media and political environment that defines the Trump era.

The United Nations is in Salt Lake. Here’s why

How the Supreme Court’s sex discrimination cases could affect BYU and hundreds of faith-based colleges

A pastor was kidnapped. White tents go up. In Nuevo Laredo, the border crisis is reaching a tipping point

The ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is succeeding in limiting the number of people attempting to cross the border. But locals say the policy is failing to ensure humane conditions for asylum-seekers who await their court dates.

Can Utah Sen. Mike Lee bring us a step closer to solving America’s immigration crisis?

What happens after a mass shooting is thwarted? The difficulty of assessing a true threat

Here’s how to make sure your child has a successful school year

This congressman showed his constituents what it means to balance budget, the importance to America of doing so

Why Vice President Mike Pence’s Utah visit isn’t only about trade

Is America heading for recession?

Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Can Holocaust education make it stop?

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A private college degree for less than $9,000: How a 10-year-old school is disrupting higher education

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is serving the hidden many by building a bridge from its unique entry-level program to online degree programs at partner schools like BYU-Idaho.

Are you entitled to know what your neighbor paid for his house?