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Can Utah Sen. Mike Lee bring us a step closer to solving America’s immigration crisis?

What happens after a mass shooting is thwarted? The difficulty of assessing a true threat

Is America heading for recession?

Why Vice President Mike Pence’s Utah visit isn’t only about trade

Here’s how to make sure your child has a successful school year

This congressman showed his constituents what it means to balance budget, the importance to America of doing so

Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Can Holocaust education make it stop?

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A private college degree for less than $9,000: How a 10-year-old school is disrupting higher education

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is serving the hidden many by building a bridge from its unique entry-level program to online degree programs at partner schools like BYU-Idaho.

Are you entitled to know what your neighbor paid for his house?

Should we really cancel student debt? Here are 5 alternative solutions

The Little League World Series’ complex relationship with kids and fame

Exploring the intersection of sex, consent and chastity at the nation’s Christian colleges

Amazon is moving into the pharmacy business. Local drugstores aren’t happy about it

Vice President Mike Pence expected to be in Utah next week to speak on trade

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Can religion save us from a global environmental crisis?

Despite mounting evidence of climate change, religious people remain divided. Some question man’s involvement while others are driven by their faith to protect the planet.

Is America addicted to conspiracy theories?

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Will the face of the Republican resistance vote for Donald Trump? 

In an exclusive interview, Jeff Flake, the former senator, explains why the Republican Party may be ‘doomed’ and why he would never call the president a racist.

Why is the road to the White House suddenly so salty? A look at why the candidates are swearing

All politics is local: The national significance of Salt Lake City’s race for mayor

Inside the quiet effort to unravel religious freedom protections in Washington

The Equality Act is stalled in the Senate. That hasn’t stopped the Democrat-controlled House from promoting LGBTQ rights through other means.

Jeffrey Epstein's accusers will never know similar emotional relief to victimized US gymnasts

Uber reports billions in losses. With a driverless future far away, will investors balk?

Did Oprah Winfrey just tell Americans they should be going to church?

Months before latest mass shootings, federal agencies acknowledged they don't have tools to prevent domestic terrorism

Teens hospitalized and health officials say it's linked to vaping. How will the FDA respond?

Shootings focus attention on guns, white supremacy and mental health

When a mass shooting hits your hometown

What is white nationalism? And what does it have to do with religion?

Q&A: Instead of what they want to be when they grow up, young people should ponder a different question

Is leaving a child to die in a hot car a memory lapse or a crime?

Capitalism lite: Are youth finance and entrepreneurship programs beneficial or burdensome?

Boozeless bars and a year without beer: What innovators are doing to curb society's drinking problem

Want to know what makes consumers mad? Here are the top complaints of 2018

Women more likely to be seriously hurt in a crash than men; why fixing that could take a decade or more

Few police officers are religion experts. That can create big problems

The latest college financial aid scam: Parents giving up custody of their children

Federal Reserve officially cut interest rates. Now experts worry they are interfering too much

Is LeBron James a bad parent? His reaction to his son's dunk went viral, and led to a spirited debate about helicopter parenting

What a visit to the border taught Utah Rep. Ben McAdams about fixing the immigration crisis

Why Bernie Sanders went insulin shopping in Canada with a mom of 8

Running on Full: I competed in a hot dog eating contest and lost. Here’s what I learned about competitive eating

Millennials and Gen X see infidelity differently from their elders. Here's how it could impact their relationships

Here are the policies for police access to your favorite smartphone apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Uber and Lyft

How police might access your Lyft, Tinder and Google accounts in a criminal investigation

Just in time for back to school, America's having a school counselor crisis

Religious groups react to rumors the U.S. will stop admitting refugees. What would it mean for U.S. values?

How Utah's example led other states to address pornography and where the fight is headed

Pornography and child exploitation are prevalent on apps like YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. Here's what needs to be done to protect children.