HB290 would move the sunset date for the state’s ranked choice pilot program from 2026 to spring 2024.
The Bruins jumped ahead early and outworked the Utes throughout the night in handing Utah a 30-point loss.
A new state law has led public universities and students to grapple with what a post-DEI campus should look like.
Dartmouth’s basketball team has backing of NLRB to unionize. A Salt Lake City labor attorney weighs in on the topic.
Nikki Haley is hoping to turn out Trump-averse Democrats in Saturday’s South Carolina primary.
Alabama Latter-day Saint Mary Helen Allred finds joy in using JustServe to continue a legacy of service.
The former 49ers quarterback was recently asked to discuss Walsh’s legacy. His answer might surprise you.
House Republicans have yet to take a position on cutting state income taxes, but Senate back rate reduction earlier in the legislative session.
Austin Collie and Colts head coach Shane Steichen have been friends since high school. Now, Steichen is the head coach of the team Collie used to play for.
Through forest bathing, float therapy or labyrinth walking, travel destinations from around the world help to improve individuals’ health.
One lawmaker pushed for the adoption of a state water plan to pool money and brainpower. That proposal has already been watered down.
Lawmakers are considering a bill for a sports and entertainment district that would cost taxpayers $1B.
One key Cougars contributor is about to welcome a new addition to his team at home.
Jury selection for Daybell’s trial is expected to begin in April.
Although flavored e-cigarette cartridges can only be sold in specialty tobacco stores that are limited to those over the age of 21, lawmaker says younger teenagers often have no problem purchasing flavored vapes.
Lawmaker says Utah’s bill will serve as a ‘backstop’ to residents of the Beehive State should Congress make changes or repeal the federal statute
The highly-anticipated live-action version of the beloved animated series premieres on Netflix today. Here’s everything you need to know.
When Gilstrap has performed to Queen’s iconic hit, she’s at her best.
HB429 converts more merit system positions to “at-will” employment — termination at the pleasure of the boss.
Companies like AT&T are pitching to remove service for copper-wire landlines, but this may be more harmful than what’s expected.
Extreme rains and remnants from Hurricane Hilary in August have created a new lake in the hottest place on earth.
Reid, whose nickname is Big Red, relishes the zaniness of Travis Kelce and other players he has nurtured and coached.
Salt Lake City’s daily average for applicants received per job was 34.9, making it the most competitive job market in the country, according to study.
Next up for BYU is a Saturday matinee at struggling Kansas State.
Valentine’s Day may be past us in 2024, but this love story uncovered by two homeowners still remains in my mind.
Brock Watkins and Collin Rueter are grateful to be back on the diamond after recovering from injuries in 2023.
Devices that don’t pierce skin have not been approved or been proven accurate.
Steven Spielberg said, “I am excited to be part of this group that is intent on restoring Westwood to its glory years as a film-going cultural institution.
I have been peppered with questions from all sides. Haven’t you heard of the “separation of church and state”? Have you ever read the Constitution? How about the First Amendment? The answers to all three are yes, yes and yes.
The spacecraft is on the moon but communication issues have prevented flight monitors to confirm its condition.
Jazz sharpshooter wants another shot at redemption in NBA All-Star 3-point contest.
The National Weather Service says a large chunk of Utah has a greater probability of above-normal temperatures this spring.
Mold plays an intricate role in producing cheese — but when is it safe to eat, and when does it go too far?
Tens of thousands of AT&T customers reported service outages Thursday morning, and several thousand Verizon and T-Mobile users reported similar issues.
Here’s a position-by-position glance at what Utah’s 2024 defensive and special teams depth chart could look like when the Utes suit up for spring camp next month.
Osmond still has the coat of many colors he wore when he starred in more than 2,000 performances of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in the 1990s — but he won’t be donning it when he returns to the production this year.