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The archaic text of the Electoral Count Act requires reform if we are to protect our electoral process.
UDOT has recommended the gondola option to solve the Little Cottonwood Canyon traffic problem. Who’s paying?
With the amount of families around Salt Lake City’s City Creek Mall, there needs to be more policing, according to this City Creek resident
By following Evan McMullin’s campaign, this woman learned about the divinely inspired roots of the U.S. Constitution
Our congressmen and their challengers will be speaking on climate change this month
Liz Truss marks Britain’s third female leader in the past 50 years. Where is the U.S. at?
Summers will keep getting hotter unless we act on climate change
BYU football beat Baylor despite BYU’s kicker missing two field goals. While fans might be mad, we should follow Jaren Hall’s example
Some school discipline policies can leave the student worse off with learning, racial equity and juvenile justice system involvement.
Utah just passed a bill that can kickstart our rehabilitation of incarcerated persons. What’s next?
Rent is painful for everyone right now, but seniors are especially in crisis with fixed retirement incomes
All four of Utah’s U.S. House of Representatives members voted to pass the Respect for Marriage Act. What will Utah’s senators do?
Yellowstone National Park has experienced flooding this year while Utah faces a drought. Can we solve two problems at once?
The Electoral College helps each state have equal representation. Without it, what would our country look like?
The root cause of abortions is poverty. So if we value life, we need to focus on raising people out of poverty any way we can
Why the Utah County Republican Party Chairman believes we should reelect Mike Lee to the U.S. Senate.
According to a new report, it is too late to reach our climate goals with emissions reduction alone. We need to add carbon dioxide removal to our efforts
After Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China has conducted live-fire military drills and other forms of intimidation. How far will we let it go?
The climate crisis continues, but this high schooler spoke words ‘beyond his years’
The news about the Great Salt Lake is terrifying. What are we doing to save our desert state?
We haven’t considered what an earthquake would do to human-made islands — but we have disastrous examples from history.
In Arizona, cities are replacing black asphalt with lighter colored roads to reduce temperatures in hot cities
Evan McMullin, an independent candidate running for Utah’s U.S. Senate seat, promises to find common ground and work with democrats and republicans to help Utah and the nation
Over 1 in 10 Utah high schoolers are vaping. Their developing brains are being manipulated by nicotine addiction and we need our congressmen to act
Utah’s drought is slowly but steadily depleting the Great Salt Lake. We know why temperatures continue to rise. Let’s act
The House has passed a bill to protect women’s right to contraception. Now it is up to our senators to vote in favor
In Utah, international relations are of utmost importance. With our language skills, business connections and refugee friends, we can all be citizen diplomats.
Many are opposed to this new quarry because we value the history Parleys Canyon holds
Our fossil fuel dependence has made Putin’s Russian invasion of Ukraine a global energy crisis. Could clean energy have solved all this?
The Great Salt Lake is a vital part of Utah in revenue, habitat land and water in a desert. As stewards, we can’t let the lake disappear
Mitt Romney said that Americans are in denial. Before we get up in arms about it, we might pause and consider the truth of his message.
Right now things may feel bleak, but America has always been a place for new ideas, innovation, and experiment. We can weather the storm and come out stronger as a nation.
Utah has faced the hardships of COVID-19, but it fared better in mortality, economy and schooling than any other state according to a recent study
When we look at it from the perspective of unwanted pregnancies, unequal burden and sanctity of life after birth, we can find more common ground solutions
John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” episode about the drought in the West wasn’t making fun of religious people. It was pointing at very serious problems we need to act on
In the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, many hope to protect and expand the rights of unborn babies.
It’s easy to think we are politically moderate if we exist in a homogenous group of opinions. By diversifying our news sources and listening to the other side, we can reach across divides.
Republican Florida Sen. Rubio has a paid leave plan that doesn’t help the families who need it most
In the aftermath of Roe, it is up to the states to support women and children. How will they do this?
The best flags have simple, memorable and unifying symbols. If Utah can simplify and unify with a new state flag, it would be worth a change.
In Utah, almost 2,000 women opted for abortions in 2019 for socioeconomic reasons. We need laws that help lift these women and children out of poverty
Utah’s flag displays symbols that hold respect and identity in our country. Changing our flag would be erasing that history we have worked hard for
More parks and green spaces have many benefits Biden’s 30 x 30 initiative can protect the natural land we are rapidly losing and keep our nature natural.
The Great Salt Lake is drying up, the housing crisis is unbearable, the air pollution isn’t going away, and we don’t have enough rain water. What is the Legislature doing?
We all need to do our part to care for the environment, but large families are not to blame.
Little Cottonwood Canyon has a winter capacity issue on powder days. What would we do with a gondola the rest of the year?