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Rather than looking at troubled history for inspiration, we should build on progress and inspire students to move forward.
Throwing money at a lake will not make it bigger. Studies won’t do it either. Only water can do that.
The power of impeachment is not to be used rashly, but when elected officials act in violation of state statute, we need to seriously consider impeachment.
These tests were worthless and money could be better spent helping teachers teach and teaching students to learn.
This would be the fourth year in a row that our flat (sadly, not progressive) income tax rate would be cut. I personally would benefit. But I, and other Utahns who earn far more than my husband and I, who would benefit the most, do not need a tax cut.
Moving much-needed electricity from the source to the need will require a transmission network expansion
I know several married couples who have lived in their home for over 50 years and raised kids therein and have been perfectly happy.
Owens Lake in California produces enormous dust storms. They’re scary. The Great Salt Lake is 12 times bigger
Passenger rail between the Wasatch Front and Moab would be relatively affordable, while requiring relatively little new infrastructure.
2023 reshaped the water world in Utah and the West, but we must remain vigilant
Recent findings from the National Youth Tobacco Survey reported that disposable e-cigarettes remain the product of choice for middle and high school students.
Holiday gatherings can bring a level of tension, anxiety, shame and guilt that is hard to handle when you are trying to not drink or use drugs
Buying things like chickens, goats and hygiene kits and other commodities is heartwarming and helps us feel less selfish
It is imperative for the Alpine School District to learn from the findings outlined in September and prioritize the safety and well-being of their students
Lower drug prices, particularly those for chronic conditions, is a pressing need for many retirees and patients on Medicare living in Utah
Addressing this long-standing and complex issue takes everyday actions from each of us
Stop and think when you come to the word ‘indivisible’. Stop and think again about ‘liberty and justice for all’
Many of us have neglected our responsibility as employers to know each candidate and select the person most qualified based upon their experience, abilities and character.
Indivisible means ‘to not be divided, and right now we are just about as divided as we can be
Instead, we should consider year-round standard time
One of my favorite parts of the sports page was removed, and it should be brought back
If by disagreeing better you compromise your principles, you’re doing it wrong
Our allies currently endure an immigration limbo that prevents them from reuniting with their families, and the only solution is an act of Congress
Utah has a caucus/convention system where delegates study the candidates to determine whose record shows they will support the values of the community
I hope Sens. Lee and Romney will support increased funding for vital programs that help us to ‘turn first’ to peacebuilding
Mothers aren’t the only ones who suffer from postpartum depression. We need to help both parents after a baby is born
Men should feel comfortable seeking help, and our society needs to encourage men to prioritize their mental health and emotional well-being
We’ve got to get serious about making housing more affordable
Don’t vote for legislators who ignore our health and the health of our planet
While it would be fun to go to a ball game and see our home team and the teams they would play, especially those with storied histories, we should not put any public money into this project
Childhood poverty rates dropped from 2020 to 2021. This gain quickly reversed with the expiration of the expanded benefits.
I fully agree with Gov. Spencer Cox in that our nation must return civility back to politics and public service
The Child Tax Credit was used by parents and guardians to feed, clothe and shelter kids and purchase school supplies. It made a difference
We must guard against the pitfalls of groupthink
The Utah Republican Party has chosen to require voters in the primary election to attend caucus meetings in order to vote. Many of us will not be able to participate
You might think of the president, but you’d be wrong
From foundations splitting, basements flooding or homes sliding down the mountain — homeowners shouldn’t have to deal with these unforeseen challenges
If public servants live in the neighborhoods where they work, the whole community benefits
We should help them rebuild their publicly owned and operated infrastructure, but not any homes, condos, apartments, marinas, boats, yachts and business establishments that were uninsured
If we amend this act, we could reduce the kind of back-and-forth size adjustments we’ve seen on Bears Ears National Monument