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Heed the prophet’s urgings to get a vaccine

School children should be required to wear masks

Take steps now to protect the nation’s power grid

Homeless people need affordable housing

Breaking up America’s big tech companies would give advantages to China

Heavy water users should pay much more in a drought

Carbon tax is an effective policy tool against climate change

Masks at schools would protect children and other people

Politics gets in the way of solving the pandemic and climate change

We won’t reach herd immunity if people don’t get vaccinated

Getting a COVID-19 shot should be required by law

Utah’s voting laws are what every state needs

No rational reason exists for refusing to be vaccinated

How can we save planet Earth?

Romney’s work on infrastructure bill deserves praise

Donald Trump is a threat to American democracy

Utah’s housing crunch doesn’t need more construction

Get a shot and end the pandemic

Distribute the costs of caring for COVID-19 patients fairly

Opinion: Why I haven’t watched the Olympics

Letter: Utah Republicans are right about cutting greenhouse emissions

Letter: Prayers are good, but we can do more to lessen the drought

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Letter: Change is coming, but let’s not forget about the vulnerable

Letter: History never repeats itself

Letter: Ending unemployment benefits is a mistake

Letter: COVID-19 revealed our dependence on farmers. Don’t let them down now

Letter: Together, we can make a difference for children

Letter: Don’t let the education crisis make child poverty worse

Letter: Do our elected officials understand the importance of hedge funds?

Letter: Ending the mental health epidemic starts now

Letter: Where are conservative TV viewers to go?

Letter: Biden’s proposals are entirely fair

Letter: Working should not lead to poverty

Letter: Sen. Romney has earned my trust

Letter: We need to disagree better

Letter: America should stop hoarding vaccines

Letter: Sexism affects more than just wages

Letter: American democracy is on the auction block

Letter: What we can learn from the 1913 debut of ‘The Rite of Spring’

Letter: Want your business to survive the pandemic? Become digitally savvy

Letter: Recognizing the Armenian Genocide is the right decision

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Letter: Why I left the Democratic Party

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Letter: I’m a lifelong Utahn, and I support the American Families Plan

Letter: How long until Americans are taxed out of their homes?