KFC on Monday announced a “Taste of KFC Deals” value menu, which features meals as low as $4.99.

According to KFC’s statement, the company is offering the three new deals every day for the rest of the year at every location across the U.S.

The value meals can be ordered in person, online or through the KFC app.

  • $4.99 Meal for One: Two pieces of chicken — one drum and one thigh — with mashed potatoes and gravy and a biscuit.
  • Meal for Two: Four pieces of chicken — a breast, drum, thigh and wing — with mashed potatoes and gravy and two biscuits. Prices for this deal vary by location, per Food & Wine.
  • $20 Family Meal: Six pieces of chicken — two drums, two thighs, one wing and one breast — four sides to choose from and four biscuits.

Additionally, KFC is offering an eight-piece bucket of chicken for only $10 on Tuesdays, the statement said, noting that this deal is temporary.

If you order online or through the KFC app, you can receive a free 10-piece Saucy Nuggets discount with a $10 minimum purchase. The offer can’t be combined with other listed offers, the statement said.

Why is KFC launching a value menu?

In its statement, KFC said the new meal deals come in response to inflation.

“We created a value menu that actually has value,” Nick Chavez, the chief marketing officer for KFC in the U.S., said in the statement. “The new Taste of KFC Deals menu proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality or taste to save on food spending.”

In a recent interview, Chavez noted that KFC is also hoping to inspire return visits to its restaurants.

“We want to be always staying on with value — for both core and new items — so we can really drive repeat visitation and frequent visitation,” he said, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

KFC’s focus of larger packages and digital orders

KFC also continues to offer several large meal deals, which can be a good option for families, per Nation’s Restaurant News.

  • $20 Fill Up Box: A four-piece chicken and 12 nugget package with four biscuits, a side of Secret Recipe Fries and four dipping sauces.
  • $30 Fill Up Box: An eight-piece chicken and eight tenders package.
  • $24.99 Family Meal: A six-piece chicken and nuggets package.
  • $25 for 50 nuggets.

The last three options are digital exclusives, and KFC finds that they — among other digital offers — sell well.

“We know our digital customer is a more valuable customer to us — they come in more frequently, they buy more food, so we’re aggressively trying to acquire new app downloads,” Chavez said.