ReadyWise is a Utah-based company that produces emergency preparedness food kits.

Their mission, according to their website, is “to bring peace of mind to our consumers by offering high quality food and gear at a reasonable price to help them prepare for planned and unforeseen events in life.”

The kits come in buckets and can often be found at the local Costco, priced on Costco’s website at $99.99 for the 150 servings emergency preparedness food bucket.

A recent TikTok video has raised the question of whether the cost is worth the amount of food provided in the bucket. The user claimed that it was not.

In the video, @yodietv said he paid $150 for his kit, which he got from Costco.

He went on to express how he felt the whole industry surrounding emergency preparedness was a “scam”, specifically calling out ReadyWise and fellow-competitor Ready Hour. He said they made money by “playing off emotions.”

Pulling out the contents of the bucket, he said, “Is this worth $150? No.”


Readywise emergency food supply DO NOT BUY!!! Luckily I complained enough to get my money back. If you were actually saving these for an emergency and didn’t open until it’s time you’d be effed #readywise #readyhour #emergencyfoodsupply #emergencyprep

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How long does ReadyWise emergency food supply last?

On Costco, the description for the 150 servings emergency preparedness food bucket claims a shelf life of up to 25 years.

The product has a total calorie count of 25,280. That comes to about 168 calories per serving, which costs about $0.67, based off the Costco listing of $99.99, without tax

According to the National Library of Medicine, “The daily-recommended caloric intake for adult males and females is 2600-2800 kcal/day and 2000-2200 kcal/day, respectively.”

Based off of a caloric intake of 2000 a day, with just this product as a source of nutrition, it would last about 12 and a half days for one person.

What are the best emergency food kits for families?

1. ReadyWise emergency 1 month supply

Price: $269.99

In a review by Forbes of the best emergency food supply providers, ReadyWise was at the top of their list.

They described it as having a long shelf life, big serving sizes and many different meal options.

Meal options include such things as teriyaki rice, creamy pasta and vegetables, pancakes mix, BBQ beans, cheesy macaroni and hearty tortilla soup.

2. Survive2Thrive 40 days/nights bucket

Price: $299.99

For vegetarian options, Survive2Thrive has a 100% organic food supply bucket available on Amazon.

They claim to be “the only certified organic, non-GMO grab and go food storage on the market.”

The product details state that it provides an adult enough food for 40 days and nights, and includes such things as black beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, rolled oats and green lentils.

3. Mountain House essential assortment bucket

Price: $131.50

For gluten-free options, Mountain House provides a bucket that contains 22 servings of beef stew, breakfast skillet, scrambled eggs and rice and chicken meals.

They boast a 30-year shelf life over the industry standard of 25 years, and they also provide dairy-free and vegetarian options.