For months, my mom has been raving about Olipop — specifically the fact that the low-sugar health soda boasts 9 grams of fiber. Until recently, I didn’t get the hype.

There are dozens of health soda options out there. I have tried a few here and there and mostly, I don’t enjoy them. They tend to taste watered-down and their lack of sugar is painfully obvious. But a recent life event has me changing my tune.

Following an embarrassingly long hiatus from regular dentist appointments, an incessant toothache motivated me enough to make an appointment. Given the tooth pain, I suspected I would have at least one or maybe two cavities.

The diagnosis was much worse — which I’m too ashamed to publicly reveal.

Then, worse than the actual fillings was the size of the dental bill. For the sake of my finances, I had to prioritize my teeth.

I don’t drink soda more than once per week, but I do have a sweet tooth and I enjoy a cold, sugary drink — especially during the summertime. Soda and other sugary drinks are some of the biggest culprits in causing cavities, per The New York Times. So cutting out (or back) on that felt like a good start.

Enter Olipop.

On a recent family vacation, I finally gave in to my mom’s ongoing recommendation to try Olipop. A can typically has two to five grams of added sugar, which, compared to the 40 grams in a can of Dr Pepper, is impressive.

I am now a fan of the soda alternative, and have started giving their variety of flavors a try.

Spoiler: Some flavors are better than others.

Here is a ranking of Olipop flavors.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried every flavor yet. So if your favorite didn’t make the cut, it probably sold out in my local grocery store.

The best Olipop flavors, ranked

8. Lemon Lime

I really wanted this to taste like Sprite. It doesn’t.

The Lemon Lime Olipop has an off-putting artificial taste and smells strange. A lemon lime-flavored beverage seems like it would be the simplest flavor to pull off, but Olipop missed the mark on this one.

It’s the only flavor I’ve tried that I don’t like.

7. Strawberry Vanilla

This was the first Olipop flavor I tried. It’s got a nice, sweet flavor. Nothing to write home about, but I’d happily drink it again.

6. Classic Grape

I had low expectations for this flavor. Grape flavor is either really tasty or it tastes like cough syrup. There’s no in-between.

I suspected this Classic Grape Olipop to go the cough syrup route. I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes like a melted grape popsicle — in a good way.

The only problem with this flavor is that it’s really sweet and I get tired out by the flavor before finishing the can off.

5. Cherry Cola

Cherry Coke isn’t my thing. If it’s yours, you’ll probably really enjoy this flavor because it tastes just like it.

I expected this to be Olipop’s version of Dr Pepper. It’s not — and if it’s trying to be, it’s not doing a very good job.

Dr Pepper is now America’s second favorite soda. Here is a ranking of Dr Pepper’s wackiest flavors

That being said, it’s still an enjoyable drink. The Cherry Cola flavor has a nice hit of cherry, without being overpowering.

I also like that it’s more of a standard soda flavor, and Olipop gets really close to a Coke flavor.

4. Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch isn’t what I anticipated it to be. I expected something like Hawaiian Punch.

That’s not what this drink is about.

The Tropical Punch tastes more like a carbonated apricot or mango nectar. It’s not as soda-y as the others, but I really like it.

3. Cream Soda

When there is a variety of options available, I almost never choose cream soda.

I always thought that it’s a drink for kids and those older than me— but this Cream Soda Olipop might be converting me!

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Cream soda tastes better than I remember (I haven’t had cream soda in a while), so I will definitely be drinking this flavor all summer long.

2. Classic Root Beer

It tastes just like your typical root beer. I like root beer, so I like this, too.

1. Barbie: Peaches & Cream

I bought it for the cute Barbie-themed packaging. Kept drinking for the delightful, peachy flavor.

It’s by far my favorite.

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