Ninth Circuit Judge Milan Smith Jr. says the Supreme Court reversing his school prayer ruling could be bad for religious freedom
For many, getting married as a 20-something is no obstacle to fun, professional success or a stable marriage.
I’ve always hoped I’d be a good father, but, being fatherless myself, I’ve also worried I wouldn’t know how.
My childhood in rural Idaho gave me a connection to the land and to our food system that many folks in D.C. had not experienced.
Deseret spoke with venture capitalist and former diplomat Tomicah Tillemann about the future of the internet
Can a bookstore devoted to writing about the West hold on in a changing West?
One of America’s most iconic natural wonders may be running out of time.
We’re at a moment in history when Americans on all sides of our divides question the dignity of those on the “other” side
Behold the Intermountain West’s 10 most legendary diners because nothing satisfies quite like a burger or stack of pancakes at the end of a long stretch of asphalt
For well over a century, travelers have been searching for rebirth in the American West with a type of increasingly pampered rusticity. It may have reached its apex at Ted Turner’s New Mexico ranch.
Apa Sherpa, known as “Super Sherpa,” broke his own climbing record 11 times and is now giving back to his village in Nepal.
Slowing the momentum of 40 years of rising health care costs won’t come easily, and it will require public and private players patiently working on solutions.
Adam Sklute rescued Ballet West from the brink. Now, can he revolutionize the dance world as a whole?
Filmmaker and podcast host Faith Briggs is finding her way, and leaving a new kind of path behind her.
In a culture where ‘old’ is bad, how can we learn to embrace aging?
Rural veterans are at a higher risk of dying by suicide than their nonrural counterparts. Can a new, experimental peer-to-peer program save lives?
As the Supreme Court rethinks Roe v. Wade, activists prepare for the fallout.
Having kids has made exploring the outdoors, well, different
There’s a new kind of sports gambling on the rise. Could it pose a threat to professional sports?
It’s time to talk about the future of Glen Canyon and Lake Powell
Artificial intelligence holds promise, but also potential risks for religious freedom.
Elizabeth Bruenig, a staff writer for The Atlantic, makes no apologies for being a Catholic, socialist, family-focused thinker.
Nearly 75 years after the United Nations voted to partition Palestine, an Israeli citizen returns to assess the promise of the Jewish state.
As winter thaws, the author shares his secret for one last morning on the slopes
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It’s clear that this Supreme Court will uphold the rule of law and not be swayed by public opinion.
Abortion opponents are celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today. But tomorrow, the work starts.
Lee-McMullin matchup promises to be one of most intriguing Senate races in Utah in years.
Patrick Hickman rejoins BYU football’s support staff after having worked under Bronco Mendenhall at Virginia the past six years.
Former President Donald Trump endorsed incumbent Utah Congressmen Chris Stewart and Burgess Owens.
A spare room, an extra set of towels, the clothes at the bottom of the drawer that rarely get worn, each of these superfluities make our everyday life feel a little more spacious.
Nonprofits hope the pandemic will spark a resurgence of helping hands.
Human rights activists are both amazed and aggrieved by treatment of Ukrainians fleeing violence compared to refugees from the Middle East and Africa.
Florida has become a hub for the GOP. Why do so many conservative figures have ties to the sunshine state?
The obituary for American Christianity has been written again and again, but the data tells a different story.
It’s been surprisingly difficult to find work-life balance in a pandemic-ridden world.
There is a cast of crusaders inching religious conservatives toward something more expansive. CEO Deb Liu knows the playing field is uneven. That’s why she’s looking to disrupt the business world.
The case for interacting with children wholeheartedly but interfering minimally — as long as they are safe.
The Rev. Andrew Teal, an Oxford scholar and Anglican priest, shares how to help each other through hard times.
A Cuban American journeys to the island his family fled more than 50 years ago, seeking answers about faith, freedom and the enduring power of ancestral legacies.
At their peak, there were 5,000 Shakers. Only two remain. The faith group’s impact on America’s cultural and religious landscape will endure long after they’re gone.
Golf courses guzzle water. Should that change in a time of extreme drought?
Yes, organized religion is on the decline. But new research shows faith still plays a powerful, unifying role in American life
It began in 1922, a full 17 years before the first NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.
Out of the 125 bills Pen America tracked over the past year that seek to censor educational material, 72 were filed in January alone
A sermon from the U.S. Senate chaplain during a time of war and upheaval
When you’re searching for something inscrutable, what are the chances you’ll find it in the wilderness?
At 19, Olympic medalist Grace McCallum already knows one of life’s most important lessons: never stop learning.
Statistics say that women are better stewards of the land. Kelsey Scott is here to prove it.
The relationship between screen time and kids’ mental health is more complicated than we thought.
It turns out the rules of engagement aren’t that different for older v. younger singles.
In an era of pandemics and displacement, one of Brazil’s richest men is helping refugees find a home.
Are we scurrying past the beauty that surrounds us in our hectic, overscheduled lives?