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Many parents create a digital footprint for their children from the first post of their baby’s ultrasound.
Data from Pew Research Center shows interfaith marriages are becoming more common.
Families faced challenges in relationships, physical and mental health needs, as well as finances and job security during the pandemic. But overall, the story of the American family in the last year has been one of resilience.
The word “surrender” is rarely used to describe American foreign policy. Yet that is how H.R. McMaster characterizes our Afghanistan withdrawal.
Vote by mail is popular in Utah. So why are other conservative states trying to curb it?
The plan to turn Idaho into a conservative megastate including rural parts of Oregon, Washington and California shows the extent of our rural-urban political divide.
The Wyoming Honor Farm is transforming both wild horses and incarcerated men.
The Jalapeño’s Bar and Grill in Boise may hold the key to keeping staff during a public health crisis and the “great resignation.”
I’m 50, and no, I won’t live forever. But I want to keep my focus on what still lies ahead.
The show’s greatest power isn’t in its charming homage to musical theater tropes. It’s found instead in what it has to say about love, about honesty and about openness to growth and change.
More than half of Americans have less than $1,000 in the bank. Here’s why that matters.
The traditional Black church’s public witness provides a compelling example of how to disagree and fight for freedom without contempt.
Utah Valley University President Astrid Tuminez shares her thoughts on the college experience and making higher education more inclusive.