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Jim Gaffigan discusses faith, family and work-life balance.
One study found that in terms of damage to your health, loneliness was the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
A silver lining of the prolonged pandemic might just be the way it rapidly reprioritized life choices toward the essentials — especially family.
As interest in electric vehicles grows, the infrastructure needed to support these cars and trucks is lagging behind.
Caldwell, Idaho, is one of the West’s fastest-growing cities. Its leaders and residents say that’s not always a good thing.
The American West has never been “no man’s land.”
We need more conservative people, like many in Utah’s Carbon and Emery counties, to join the conversation about climate change.
As more Latinos in the United States leave Catholicism, they are changing their politics that better align with conservative thinking on abortion, marriage and religious liberty. How are Republicans and Democrats responding?
The Navy football coach just keeps winning despite obvious disadvantages.
Young Republicans are trying to pull their party into the future.
It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are on campus four years, four days or four hours. Students are in charge.
The Rev. Theresa Dear, a leadership consultant and advocate, addresses faith, giving back and paying forward.