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The pandemic revealed what veteran homeschoolers knew all along: There is more than one way to teach a child.
Midwives who travel could give rural women a better birthing experience.
You say your name thousands of times. What does it say about you?
Amid the “great resignation,” some Americans are accomplishing more by doing less.
Jack Canfield shares his recipe for a happy life and a roadmap for finding success.
As support for gay rights grows, religious schools of all shapes and sizes face pressure to change policies on sexuality, gender and same-sex marriage.
Thanks to social media, we know more than ever about local crime. But are we any safer?
On the Bonneville Salt Flats, racing records have been set and reset. But all that while, the salt was disappearing.
Cities across the West struggle with rising homelessness. The city of Missoula, Montana, is trying out a unique solution.
Without looking at a map, I want to show you where I went fishing. Then I will tell you what I learned, leaving out all the parts about fishing.
The problem isn’t critical race theory. We should worry about miseducation instead.
Companies are inventing ways to measure and enhance the brain. Is it a good idea?
One of America’s most successful entrepreneurs talks cancel culture, shares tips for success and standing up for your beliefs.