Deseret Magazine - April 2022
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The State of Faith
At their peak, there were 5,000 Shakers. Only two remain. The faith group’s impact on America’s cultural and religious landscape will endure long after they’re gone.
The obituary for American Christianity has been written again and again, but the data tells a different story.
There is a cast of crusaders inching religious conservatives toward something more expansive.
A sermon from the U.S. Senate chaplain during a time of war and upheaval
The Rev. Andrew Teal, an Oxford scholar and Anglican priest, shares how to help each other through hard times.
Also in this issue
Golf courses guzzle water. Should that change in a time of extreme drought? CEO Deb Liu knows the playing field is uneven. That’s why she’s looking to disrupt the business world.
It’s been surprisingly difficult to find work-life balance in a pandemic-ridden world.
The case for interacting with children wholeheartedly but interfering minimally — as long as they are safe.
Out of the 125 bills Pen America tracked over the past year that seek to censor educational material, 72 were filed in January alone
As the Supreme Court rethinks Roe v. Wade, activists prepare for the fallout.