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Apa Sherpa, known as “Super Sherpa,” broke his own climbing record 11 times and is now giving back to his village in Nepal.
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For well over a century, travelers have been searching for rebirth in the American West with a type of increasingly pampered rusticity. It may have reached its apex at Ted Turner’s New Mexico ranch.
We’re at a moment in history when Americans on all sides of our divides question the dignity of those on the “other” side
I’ve always hoped I’d be a good father, but, being fatherless myself, I’ve also worried I wouldn’t know how.
Both Ronald Reagan and Joe Biden had to deal with inflation. Here’s what Reagan got right and Biden got wrong.
Human rights activists are both amazed and aggrieved by treatment of Ukrainians fleeing violence compared to refugees from the Middle East and Africa.
One of America’s most iconic natural wonders may be running out of time.
Slowing the momentum of 40 years of rising health care costs won’t come easily, and it will require public and private players patiently working on solutions.
Can a bookstore devoted to writing about the West hold on in a changing West?
Deseret spoke with venture capitalist and former diplomat Tomicah Tillemann about the future of the internet