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Few memories remain as effortlessly vivid for The Killers frontman as that of his teacher, Ned Humphrey Hansen, singing Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” to an audience of awkward adolescents.
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An Arizona woman is fighting a legal battle to preserve everyone’s right to help.
Over a five-year period, George Romney refused $268,000 in pay from the car company he helped lead.
The best gifts often cost nothing at all.
The latest American Family Survey finds that parents need help from an unlikely source to manage their kids’ social media use.
As parents, grandparents, siblings and neighbors, we often need a paradigm shift to navigate conflict.
Behind “Debtors Clothesline” — the movement for child support reform in Latin America.
The United States desperately needs a comprehensive solution. The good news is that such a solution exists and has been battle-tested.
Academics are exploring the finer details that separate games from theater, poetry or film. The games can tell stories through us, a unique way to find something within ourselves.
Fast fashion has made it easier than ever to buy something fun to wear. But at what cost?
Earlier this summer, Oklahoma approved what would be the nation’s first religious charter school. The decision immediately was challenged by a lawsuit.
How the online retailing giant became both a boon and a bane to America’s small businesses.
Surveying the United States today, there are lessons from New York City’s past that should inform ongoing debates about America’s big cities.
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