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James Howells claims that the drive had 7,500 bitcoins, worth more than $280 million today. To retrieve it, he needs permission from his local council to search the landfill.
Michelle Singletary clears up some common misunderstandings about debt collection.
By law, taxpayers have just three years to claim a refund. So, this April 17 is the last chance to get your money for the 2014 tax year. But like the lottery, where you have to play to win, you have to file to collect a refund.
Tiffany Haddish — who grew up in foster care and is now socializing with such big-time uber wealthy actors and actresses as Will and Jada Smith — is holding on to her frugal roots.
It’s not fun to do a “paycheck checkup” — but do it anyway. With the tax changes taking effect this year, you need to do this. And no, you can’t wait and do it later.
Because many more people have become aware of the telephone tax-payment trick and learned to ignore the threats, the schemers had to evolve. And the latest twist on this swindle is just pure evil.
With a new tax law in the land, you might need to do some calculations to see if your withholdings are correct.
There’s a lot that couples can learn from the turbulence we’re seeing in the stock market. Investors, like couples in love, can get lulled into such a blissful state that they forget that the honeymoon doesn’t last forever.
I don’t mean any harm, but I am not paying to attend your parties anymore. I want to commemorate your life moments — your birthday, engagement, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary or retirement. But if you can’t afford to host, stop charging me.
If you are interested in saving money this year, Michelle Singletary proposes three types of financial fasts to help you on your journey to financial freedom -- a food fast, a clothing fast, or the 21-day financial fast.
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