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Picturing history: Pioneer trails in the Sweetwater Valley

Book review: ‘Temples Rising: A Heritage of Sacrifice’ is a wonderful compilation of temple-building church history

'Comic Diaries Volume 1' shares in a graphic novel what happens after a Latter-day Saint mission

Book review: ‘New Testament History, Culture and Society' helps in understanding the Bible

Book review: '75 Questions & Answers About Preparing for the Temple' helps temple patrons better prepare for their temple experiences

Picturing history: Nauvoo — progressive efforts to preserve the past

Susan Evans McCloud: English pioneer convert's works will follow her

Kristine Frederickson: Why we need to teach children to 'work hard and be nice'

Picturing history: Zion's Camp burial site at Rush Creek, Missouri

What 3 BYU church history professors learned as they wrote 'Dreams as Revelation'

Daniel Peterson: An opportunity to learn 'by study and also by faith'

Picturing history: The Hill Cumorah Pageant

More than Latter-day Saints feel a sacred tie to Nauvoo, BYU professor explains

Kristine Frederickson: Show, don't just say, you love others

Picturing history: Robert Smith and Kirton, Lincolnshire, England

'Called to Laugh: the Lighter Side of Missionary Life' tells real funny stories about Latter-day Saint missions

Book review: Jack and Damon have a new case as husband and wife in 'Undercover Honeymoon'

Daniel Peterson: How a sewer leak led to another important archaeological discovery in Jerusalem

Picturing history: Devil's Gate, Natrona County, Wyoming

BYU professor George Handley reflects on his faith in new book 'If Truth Were a Child'

Book review: Achieving emotional resiliency for both children, adults is taught in ‘The Missing Lesson: Helping Our Children Manage Their Emotions’

Taylor Halverson: Where did the New Testament stories happen and why does that matter?

Kristine Frederickson: The 2 practices from the Founding Fathers to ensure freedom

Picturing history: President Gordon B. Hinckley sites — Innovative sites, structures and spaces

Book review: ‘Plague’ combines science with history to create an engrossing thriller

Book review: When a vacation becomes a nightmare in 'Wrong Place, Wrong Time'

Nathan Waite: Of souls and soil

Taylor Halverson: What does John 20 reveal about why John wrote his Gospel?

Picturing history: The martyrdom of the Prophet and the patriarch

Book review: 'A Christlike Heart' invites Book of Mormon study

Book review: Christie Gardiner reimagines holiness in 'Holy As You Are'

Taylor Halverson: Who is Jesus?

Kristine Frederickson: As we reach for the Savior, he is there

Picturing history: President Gordon B. Hinckley sites — preserving historic sites in the U.S. & England

Latter-day Saint tenor Nathan Pacheco finds peace in new Christian album

What's new: The Romneys share the principles necessary for success inside and outside the home in 'Simple Truths'

Book review: 'I Can Choose Joy With God' is Ganel-Lyn Condie's newest collection of stories of hope for women embarking on a journey toward joy

Book review: ‘Born to Change the World: Your Part in Gathering Israel’ is a small book with a powerful punch

Daniel Peterson: What does it mean that 'only he who now letteth will let'?

Taylor Halverson: Why did Jesus suffer in an olive garden called Gethsemane?

Picturing history: President Gordon B. Hinckley sites — childhood in Utah and mission in England

Streaming Christmas music online

What's new: 'Closer to Christ' is 2 books in 1

Book review: Whitney Award winning romance 'Seeing Miss Heartstone' an entertaining romance of hidden identity

Book review: Whitney Award winner 'As Wide as the Sky' explores grieving, choices

Taylor Halverson: The surprising meaning of 30 shekels of silver

What's new: New Testament Commentary delves into 'The Gospel According to Mark'

Picturing history: Independence Rock, Natrona County, Wyoming