Church history is fascinatingly recounted by focusing on the circumstances surrounding the building of early Latter-day Saint temples.
Brittany Long Olsen uses Sunday to draw comics about her life, and this practice has now turned into two published graphic novels. The latest is titled “Comic Diaries Volume 1.”
“New Testament History, Culture, and Society” in an enlightening collection of research based on the times and customs of the New Testament can greatly help readers understand the times of Jesus Christ.
Alonzo L. Gaskill’s latest book helps prepare temple patrons of all ages to improve their temple experience through the use of an easy to read question and answer format in “75 Questions & Answers about Preparing for the Temple.”
The tasks of maintaining and improving Nauvoo, Illinois, as a historic site and destination are ongoing and challenging. To do this successfully requires planning and significant effort.
Jennetta RIchards, the first convert confirmed in Great Britain, gave her life to the Lord, leaving the home and family she loved, suffering loss and hardship, but giving and serving and, in her short life, leaving a gentle and powerful legacy.
We do our children a disservice when we don’t teach them the value of, and how to work. Meaningful work provides personal satisfaction, helps children gain confidence, self-esteem, how to persevere and be creative and resourceful.
In June 1834, 13 members of the Camp of Israel or Zion’s Camp died from the effects of cholera. Their deaths occurred at Rush Creek, Clay County, Missouri, near the home of Algernon Sidney Gilbert.
A trio of BYU professors of church history and doctrine have teamed up to write a book about “Dreams as Revelation.”
The annual FairMormon conference offers a rich smorgasbord of information, insight, and inspiration. The upcoming edition will be no exception.
For decades the Hill Cumorah Pageant has presented stories from the Book of Mormon and church history utilizing drama, music and spoken word. The pageant will be discontinued following the 2020 season.
The city of Nauvoo, Illinois, is bustling during the month of July with tourists who come looking for religious nostalgia and a bit of good fudge.
Many mothers, and women with mothers’ hearts serve others and do good in the world — as did Jesus Christ. Make sure you not only tell them often how much you love them but show them you love them as well.
Robert Smith of Kirton, Lincolnshire, England, is an ancestor on the paternal line of the Prophet Joseph Smith. However, any further understanding of the line stops with him as nothing is known of his parents or siblings.
“Called to Laugh: The Lighter Side of Missionary Life” includes funny stories and comics about Latter-day Saint missionaries.
Jack and Damon are married, but not even the 24-hour sundae bar can save their honeymoon when Jack discovers their cruise is an undercover FBI mission to catch a smuggling ring in “Undercover Honeymoon.”
Very solid evidence of the world Jesus knew continues to be found in the Holy Land
Along with being a natural wonder, Devil’s Gate, the gorge cut by the Sweetwater River in southern Natrona County, Wyoming, was a well noted landmark on the Oregon, Mormon and California trails.
BYU professor George Handley uses King Solomon’s judgment as a metaphor for his latest book, ‘If Truth Were a Child’ (Maxwell Institute, 2019).
Parents can learn how to help their children regulate their emotions by first strengthening their own emotions and identifying if they have been using unhealthy emotional parenting tactics in “The Missing Lesson.”
Now you can explore the New Testament, as well as Old Testament and Doctrine and Covenants, chapter by chapter with every location mapped to Google maps at
The Founding Fathers of the U.S. realized that two practices were essential to maintaining freedom and liberty. The first was operating under the rule of law, or upholding the Constitution. The second was encouraging and defending religious liberty.
The ministry of President Gordon B. Hinckley produced new generations of temples as well as a number of new and innovative sites and structures open to the general public.