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Movie Review

If you’ve seen ‘Taxi Driver,’ Todd Phillips’ dark, violent ‘Joker’ will make a lot more sense

Oscar-nominated doc shorts are heartbreaking, fascinating and inspiring — sometimes all at once

Movie review: Violent 'Hostiles' is a portrait of the end of the Old West

Movie review: Explosive '12 Strong' puts Hollywood sheen on early U.S. war effort in Afghanistan

Movie review: Mopey 'Forever My Girl' wastes its rom-com potential with predictable cliche

Movie review: Hammy action undermines 'The Commuter's' suspenseful story

Movie review: Spielberg's 'The Post' is a suspenseful, endearing tribute to the freedom of the press

Movie review: Creative 'Paddington 2' is a clever piece of family-friendly British wit

Movie review: Prequel sequel 'Last Key' keeps the Insidious franchise nice and creepy

Movie review: 'I, Tonya' is a dark, comic take on life of skater Tonya Harding

Movie review: Chastain, Elba go all-in for 'Molly's Game'

Movie review: Oldman's Churchill shines in WWII drama 'Darkest Hour'

Movie review: Nothing small about 'Downsizing's' social commentary

Movie review: 'Pitch Perfect 3' is heavy on music, but falls flat on story

Movie review: 'Greatest Showman' is a decent musical, but a conflicted biopic

Movie review: 'Jumanji' sequel scores with strong cast, exciting action, witty humor

Movie review: Winslet's performance highlights vivid but troubled 'Wonder Wheel'

Movie review: Family-friendly 'Ferdinand' provides some midlevel animated entertainment

Movie review: Shelton's veteran cast can't offset 'Just Getting Started's' dud ending

Movie review: Franco's heartfelt 'Disaster Artist' tells the wacky story behind 2003 cult hit 'The Room'

Movie review: Suspenseful 'Aida's Secrets' is a heartwarming exploration of a family's mysterious history

Movie review: Low-key 'Fencer' goes behind the Iron Curtain in postwar Estonia

Movie review: Macabre 'Indivisible' tells the story of a pair of exploited conjoined twins

Movie review: Animated 'The Breadwinner' is a creative tale of life under Taliban occupation

Movie review: Talk-heavy 'Last Flag Flying' searches for the complex meaning of military service

Chris Hicks: Movie spoilers are everywhere in the age of social media

Movie review: Frances McDormand goes mama bear in 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'

Movie review: Ronan's pitch-perfect performance guides quirky coming-of-age story 'Lady Bird'

Movie review: Charming new film says Dickens is 'The Man Who Invented Christmas'

Movie review: Pixar's 'Coco' will turn the hearts of the children to their fathers

Movie review: Documentary 'Jane' celebrates Goodall's life and work with newly discovered footage

Routine 'Daddy's Home 2' is good for a few laughs, but not much else

Movie review: Charming documentary 'Faces Places' follows 88-year-old photographer across France

Movie review: Time-toggling 'Wonderstruck' explores a world where sound is compromised

Movie review: Great cast can't rescue Branagh's 'Murder on the Orient Express'

Movie review: 'On Wings of Eagles' gives 'Chariots of Fire' runner a World War II-themed sequel

Movie review: 'Princess Bride' director paints compelling portrait of former president in 'LBJ'

Movie review: Waititi puts a humorous deadpan stamp on fantastic 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Movie review: Dark, incoherent 'Suburbicon' fails to make its critical point

Movie review: Gorgeous, creative 'Loving Vincent' celebrates impressionist master Vincent Van Gogh

Movie review: 'Thank You for Your Service' paints vivid portrait of struggling veterans

Movie review: 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' highlights father-and-son relationship

Movie review: 'Marie Curie' prioritizes famous physicist's personal life over public achievements

Movie review: Thoughtful 'Breathe' stumbles over its clumsy first act

Movie review: Haunting 'Human Flow' offers compassionate look at refugees around the world

Movie review: 'Mark Felt' offers the Deep Throat perspective on Watergate scandal

Movie review: 'Only the Brave's' slow-burn approach creates stunning tribute to real-life firefighter crew

Movie review: 'Happy Death Day' puts a fun horror spin on the 'Groundhog Day' formula