The federal government is transferring Oak Flat to Rio Tinto, which is a bad idea
Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, was wrong to label teachers as arrogant
This is something that I am reminded of every time a drive past a favorite, now closed, restaurant in Sandy
How could Gov. Spencer Cox possibly think that not mandating masks in, of all places, government offices, wouldn’t be the reasonable thing to do considering the health crisis we are experiencing?
Technology is not a threat but a leading tool for businesses and our continued economic growth
If humanity can’t come together and defend itself against a rather simple danger, what are our chances against future, larger threats?
As someone working full time in environmental advocacy, I’ve witnessed how some fringes of the left are leading young people to believe (incorrectly) that having children is bad for the planet
Had I known, this 88-year-old would have given several second thoughts to landing there
I suspect many people are unwilling to work because they would rather gratify their passion for sports, just like investors do by placing bets on the stock market.
It will allow other industries to build in that area to provide permanent jobs besides the oil and gas industry
Our individual freedoms are more important than the health of our neighbors or ourselves. We pretend that the pandemic is over. But the virus doesn’t care what we think.
Our Mother Earth is posting signs about a dire future if we do not reduce polluting carbon emissions quickly and drastically
The negative impact this project will have today and on future generations is essential to consider for the health of our state and our planet
I encourage Sen. Mike Lee to stay true to his beliefs and protect the Utah tech industry by not allowing anti-American tech legislation to leave the Judiciary Committee
Climate-related disasters this year and last have been the most costly in 10 years for insurance companies
If Jesus were born today in Bethlehem and his parents wanted to take him to Jerusalem to visit a holy site, they would likely be barred from doing so
As an immigrant to the United States, education has been the biggest, life-changing opportunity for me
On Day 1, our manufacturers would gain an edge over their high-polluting foreign competition
President Joe Biden passed a less huge, more modest infrastructure bill, and Trump and his supporters are fighting it tooth and claw
The act includes supply chain reinforcement. It funds mental health and suicide prevention, which is a huge issue here in Utah
America’s dilapidated infrastructure acts as a tax, with outdated transportation and crumbling roads and bridges endangering our safety
Lincoln confidently asserted that this nation was “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”
Utah is leading the nation in hypocrisy, given that our legislative leaders promised us the state would lead the nation out of the pandemic
If this is not included in the current reconciliation package, we ask Romney to work with both Republicans and Democrats to enact such legislation.