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Children are falling behind because of the pandemic

Politicians should act responsibly in face of the pandemic

Get vaccinated for our children and grandchildren

Liberals, conservatives face contradictions over vaccines

Anti-civic Americans are costing their neighbors dearly

Masks are not 100% effective, but they do stop the spread

Remember how united we were 20 years ago?

People should learn to do what is best for all

Support the social safety net in the budget plan

Utah’s leaders should support federal voter reform legislation

Why don’t we have honest discussions about these issues?

Letter: Support sensible climate action

Letter: A scenario unique to the U.S.

Letter: Inland port pollution

Letter: A shoutout to Utah Sen. Mike Lee

Letter: Who copied whom?

Letter: We are tired of seeing those who breach the public trust not prosecuted

Letter: Why hasn't Congress fixed the immigration problems?

Letter: After child tax credits, the tax plan will help middle-class families

Letter: Why are street signs so complicated?

Letter: Garbage posted on the internet

Letter: Romney is the opposite of small govermnent

Letter: Mitt Romney should run as an Independent

Letter: Utah's new BAC law is bad policy

Letter: Capitalism is not evil

Letter: Salt Lake County Health Department issues a needed climate change plan

Letter: Facts are usually in Trump's favor

Letter: Sen. Hatch did well in passing tax reform

Letter: Climate change is a complex issue

Letter: Experience the monuments before opposing them

Letter: Where are the conservative angles?

Letter: The retail apocalypse is here

Letter: Trump doesn't play the 'politically correct' game

Letter: Disappointed with our senators' priorities

Letter: Why increase foot traffic in our wild Utah?

Letter: Why the Antiquities Act needs to go

Letter: Hatch and Trump are listeners and doers

Letter: Do the job you are paid to do

Letter: Supreme Court should not be moral arbiters

Letter: Classical works of art are not pornography

Letter: Can Jeff Grimes pull together a winning offense?

Letter: The new tax plan only hurts Utah's middle class

Letter: We should stop outsourcing our jobs

Letter: Ashamed of Sen. Hatch gushing about President Trump

Letter: Changing KBYU is a poor decision

Letter: Capitalism has become our national religion

Letter: The 'Just Pass Something Tax Act'

Letter: We want our land back