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Letter: I’m using this litmus test to cast my vote

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The ballot drop box sits outside the Denver Election Commission headquarters Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, in Denver.

David Zalubowski, Associated Press

With an important presidential election right before us, I want to offer a “litmus test” that may help in selecting the best leader to serve “we the people.” Let us choose an individual: 

  • Who has a clear and compelling moral compass.
  • Who will speak the truth.
  • Who will respect and help protect the rights of all Americans.
  • Who will abide by and respect the Constitution and rule of law.
  • Who will raise the profile of respect for the United States in the eyes of the world and defend our nation against aggressive actions.
  • Who will best coalesce our country’s leaders, leading to action instead of endless embattlement.

This election, like all elections, should be primarily based on principles and on leadership character — on substance, not show. And I believe that the selection should rise above any single topic or policy and should apply the broader perspective of the “litmus test” proposed.

Brian Dixon