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The fly at the VP debate, stimulus talks and more: 8 cartoons about the news of the week

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Walt Handelsman

Another week closer to the November election saw the vice presidential debate take place in Salt Lake City. President Donald Trump also continued to make headlines after returning to the White House following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

The vice presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., had more weight than normal.


Walt Handelsman

With both presidential candidates over 70 years old and Trump testing positive for coronavirus just days before, many tuned in to examine the vice presidential candidates’ presidential potential.

A fly that landed on Pence’s head captured the attention of social media and became a running joke for the days following.


Dana Summers

Trump announced this week that any further negotiations over a second stimulus package would be postponed until after the election. After a negative reaction, the negotiations appeared to be back on.


Drew Sheneman

Updates about the president’s health status continued to be a major topic following the news of his positive COVID-19 test last week.


Drew Sheneman

The president spent the weekend at Walter Reed Medical Center, then returned to the White House on Monday. He has received criticism for tweeting that people shouldn’t fear COVID and for not wearing a mask just days after testing positive.


Walt Handelsman


Joel Pett

Following concerns about holding the next presidential debate in person, Trump announced he would not participate in any future debates if held virtually. It was announced Friday that the debate commission would be canceling the next debate scheduled for Oct. 15.


Drew Sheneman

Of course, presidential candidate Joe Biden was also in the news, including for his recent remarks in Florida.


Joey Weatherford