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Letter: Amid discord and acrimony, let’s choose earnest compromise

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Demonstrators speak during a protest , Saturday, Aug. 15, 2020, in Stone Mountain Village, Ga.

John Bazemore, Associated Press

Currently we are experiencing a divisive national election and also discord and acrimony with members of our U.S. Congress. Also, we have civil unrest exploding in many of our larger cities. It becomes apparent that we are now living on the very edge of anarchy and civility. There is an urgent need for more honesty, compassion and compromise from all levels of our government and media and large segments of our workforce.

The exploding protests that take place for any perceived grievance are protected under our Constitution only if they remain peaceful. Many have turn into chaos and violence with burnings, vandalizing property and injuring innocent bystanders and first responders.

A new beginning needs to come now from within each and every one of us. Our goal should be to work together to improve the means to eliminate any biases that separate us. It should start with a sincere effort to understand the opposing views and make every effort for a compromise solution.

The benefits are well worth the effort for a more unified and productive country to live in.

Bob Sweeney

Warwick, Rhode Island