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Letter: Bridal Veil Falls development shouldn’t scare anyone. Its beauty would be preserved

Ice climbers make their way up Bridal Veil Falls during the 4th Annual Wasatch Ice Festival Saturday, Jan. 10, 2004.
Dan Lund, Deseret Morning News

It is interesting to see so many of our local residents in such strong opposition to the proposed private development of some of the land near Bridal Veil Falls. As a lifetime resident of Provo, I have basically only known Bridal Veil Falls as a place with a tram and small building near the top of the mountain that could be rented for private and public gatherings. The tram and small buildings associated with it never detracted from the beauty of the area.

I have known Richard Losee, the man proposing the redevelopment of the tram, and his family my entire life. Richard is a smart businessman, a gentlemen and a person who keeps his word. I can guarantee you that whatever he may do to develop this area would be first-class work and only enhance its beauty. It would definitely not inhibit the public’s enjoyment of the land, but rather provide greater access for the public to experience the entire scope of the mountain.

Mark Harmon