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Letter: The American flag should be a symbol of unity, not a source of division

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An American flag flies at the Utah Capitol on Saturday, April 14, 2018, in Salt Lake City.

Jacob Wiegand, Deseret News

We live in a society that constantly adapts to cultures and trends. People are constantly speaking up about issues and things they disagree with. More than ever our country is divided against each other — this time over a flag.

It is absurd that something that was made to unite the states could be dividing them. It is assumed by many that those who fly a flag outside their home or wear red, white and blue clothing are believed to be conservative Republicans or have extreme right-wing opinions. This should not be the case. Back in the late 1700s when our country started fighting against Great Britain for our independence, the flag was a symbol of unity. It is sad and embarrassing to see people these days burning and disrespecting the flag on the streets during protests.

The flag is a powerful symbol of our nation. The flag should be used to unite our country together and be something we can all be proud of despite our differences.

America includes all of us, from one side of the political spectrum to the other. The flag should represent and more accurately show our differences and unifying similarities. We should be more respectful of it. If everyone was a little more understanding and cared a little more about working things out together rather than against each other, we might be able to work things out in our nation and be more unified.

Jade Douglas