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Letter: Your ABCs for a COVID Christmas

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People walk by the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 in New York.

Mark Lennihan, Associated Press

In the next few months, vaccines will be available. However, this will not prevent us from having one of the deadliest winters in history. To ensure that we, our family members, and our communities have a safe and sane winter, here’s the A to Z for winter 2020:

A: Avoid non-essential Air and Auto travel, Appearances and Adventures.

B: Brain and Body activity are a must to prevent Boredom, Blues and Blahs and to Boost Immunity.

C: Closed, Crowded, Contacts and Congregations can Cost lives. Cut down as much as possible.

D: Don’t ignore Doctors and symptoms of flu-like illness. Due Diligence — seek COVID-19 testing without Delay.

E: Eat healthy and manage your Emotions and stress to prevent Excess winter weight gain and depression.

F: Face masks and Frequent hand-washing — without Fatigue, keep doing it!

G: Gratitude is an attitude. Practice goodness and gratefulness this winter — thank someone.

H: Home sweet home. Stay inside with family members.

I: Increase your Indoor ventilation and Involvement in household activities/chores.

J: Join a good cause/group and help others.

K: Keep an eye on screen time. Keep devices away as much as you can.

L: Light up your space to be Lively — helps your mood and energy levels.

M: Mindfully make a plan for next year. This year was not kind, but things will be better now.

N: No, Not, Never, for alcohol and drugs.

O: Outdoor activities like walking, running and hiking without a crowd.

P: Professional and personal development need time. Winter gives you the opportunity!

Q: Quit bad habits. Quest for health.

R: Rise up early and Rinse yourself.

S: Starchy, Salty, Sugary, Smoked, Spirits and Soda — avoid these foods and beverages.

T: Teach yourself a new skill, or teach valuable skills to others.

U: “U” are valuable and precious — keep repeating.

V: Verbalize your feelings and emotions.

W: Work on something — WFH, WAH, DIY. Stay busy!

X: X-mas is a time for celebration. Do it in your small social bubble.

Y: You can make a difference and do everything listed above.

Z: Zoom and Zen — keep calm and stay engaged with life.

Jagdish Khubchandani, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Sushil Sharma, Muncie, Indiana