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Letter: Disappointment in Sen. Romney

I am deeply troubled by what I see and hear from Sen. Mitt Romney. I make an effort to learn what he says and does as well as what he doesn’t say and do. I voted for him despite my reservations — centered on his debates with President Obama. He started strong, but he finished weak when he did not stand up to Obama in his defense of the Benghazi tragedy.

Now that he has waltzed into Utah as our U.S. senator — and yes, I regret my vote for him — he has done very little to produce any measurable results. I believe he is ineffective and shows personal not professional animus towards President Trump. While it may be easy to understand why some don’t like President Trump, my vote for the president wasn’t placed on the shallow reasoning of “like versus dislike” but rather evidence on strength and effectiveness.

It is hard to argue against President Trump’s triumphs and effectiveness. It is also hard to identify such in Sen. Romney. Sen. Romney makes Utah look weak. Sen. Mike Lee makes Utah look strong. President Trump’s actions are strong and effective and in the interest of the forgotten men and women of America. He’s also the most effective way to rid Washington of the elite old guard “do nothing” politicians that Sen. Romney represents.

John Roberts

South Jordan