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Letter: Republican leaders may not have driven out Sen. Romney, but they’ve driven me out

I wanted to write today to express approval of the letters to the editor written by Alex Hooper and Steve Osguthorpe, published Feb. 11, in support of Sen. Mitt Romney’s impeachment vote and the courage he displayed.

Actually, I don’t blame the Utah GOP leaders for their concern about Trump’s possible retaliation. Knowing him for what he is, all are aware of his insistence on personal loyalty — never mind ethics, honesty, the Constitution, or anything that smacks of integrity — and anyone who crosses him will suffer, collateral damage notwithstanding. If he thought he could get away with it, I’d not be surprised if he’d try to rescind Utah’s statehood.

And for the talk about recall and/or senatorial impeachment, what a bunch of nonsense. You have partially succeeded, however. You may not have driven Sen. Romney from the GOP, but you have driven me. I am 93 years old and have voted Republican my entire life. My parents would roll over in their graves, but I will not vote for Trump. I would like to see Utah return to the two-party system envisioned by Brigham Young so long ago. I do not wish to see Utah as a Democrat state as it was six or eight decades ago, but two parties would better serve the state.

Kenneth Baldridge