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Successful campaign speech, or an ‘elaborate troll?’ — 6 opinions on the State of the Union address


President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address drew both criticism and praise from national news organizations and media personalities. Several instances made the address unique, from Nancy Pelosi ripping the speech to bits, to Republican politicians chanting ‘four more years’ as Trump rose to speak. Here are six opinions on what happened and what was said at the State of the Union address.

The Washinton Post published a piece stating that “Pelosi ripped up a speech, Trump is ripping up our democracy.”

“As many pointed out, Pelosi’s theatrical gesture, which came after Trump appeared to refuse to shake her hand at the outset, is tame alongside Trump’s own constant shredding of decorum.” — Greg Sargent, opinion writer.

NowThis Tweeted a clip of Nancy Pelosi ripping up the address.

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz voiced frustration with Democrats’ reaction to the speech.

“The Democrats’ actions on the floor of the House of Representatives were so obvious, contrived and predictable. Trump derangement syndrome has reached new heights.”

The Atlantic opined that the State of the Union address was nothing more than ‘an elaborate troll.’

“It was another scene in the reality TV show based in the White House. Impeachment ends today, but the newest episode is under way. And if Trump’s most recent approval ratings — 49%, the highest since his inauguration — are any indication, the country could be in for another four seasons.” — Peter Nicholas, staff writer for The Atlantic.

CNN host S.E. Cupp tweeted that the State of the Union address bolstered the president’s supporters.

An editorial in The Los Angeles Times argued that President Trump’s speech was an effective campaign speech.

“Even if Republicans in the House chamber hadn’t begun shouting “Four more years,” it would have been obvious that President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address was a campaign speech by another name.” — Michael McGough, senior editorial writer for the Los Angeles Times.

On, Van Jones warned that Democrats need to pay attention to Trump’s rhetoric.

“The Iowa caucus was a debacle. Then Donald Trump produced a very strong, clinical speech that shows exactly what he thinks he needs to do to win.”