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Letter: Personal liberty doesn’t give you the right to endanger others

I noticed that people were protesting last weekend using the phrase “Give me liberty or give me death.” This is obviously a phrase that originated during the Revolutionary War. This was during a time when another country was seeking to retain its power over us in order to keep control over territory in the world with the ultimate goal being one of financial gain. That was the motivation behind the British Empire’s actions.

What is the motivation of the current government efforts to keep us at home and keep social distancing? It is public safety and health. You have a right to protest and have your own opinion. You even have a right to choose death or liberty. However you do not have the freedom to choose death for others. This would include health care workers, first responders and grocery store clerks. We all know that we do need to get back to work and get back to normal. But the decision about how and when to do this needs to be based on facts and science. And most importantly, it needs to be based on the health and safety of everyone.

Pattie Evans