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Guest opinion: A message to my fellow high school seniors

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Monet Montierth writes about her experience as a high school senior during the coronavirus pandemic.

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2020 seniors —

We sit inside our history class and learn about the plague,

Never thinking the same thing could happen to us today. 

We hear of China having a disease called the coronavirus,

As we sit on our phones and text out memes while jamming to Miley Cyrus. 

We hear it all over the news but it’s in different countries.

There’s nothing for us to worry about, we are in America’s boundaries.

I guess we all thought way too soon this wouldn’t be our problem.

As we watch the news we soon find out our lives are hitting rock bottom. 

This plague is so much bigger and worse than we all would hear,

Little did we know that it would take our senior year. 

All the games we’d watch after school with all our closest friends,

All the classes, hallway passes, we never thought it would end. 

All the late night In-N-Out burgers, stealing fries (and guys),

All cut short from one disease, we never said our goodbyes. 

What about our graduation? Prom or senior dinner?

What about sport senior nights? Who are the championship winners? 

This isn’t at all the senior year that all us seniors had hoped for.

This isn’t fair, this isn’t right to cancel what we’ve worked for. 

But maybe it is ...

Maybe we actually needed this, and yes, the timing is bad,

But when is the last time you spent a whole week with your loving mom and dad? 

When’s the last time you watched a movie and ate dinner with your sisters and brothers?

Maybe this pandemic taught us to appreciate each other. 

When is the last time you spent a whole day working on yourself?

Taking a jog, a big long shower, organizing your shelves? 

When did you last write in your journal, read a book or two?

This is a time of reflection, use this time for you. 

There’s many reasons to feel angry and down, impatient, hopeless and sad.

But I promise you there will never be seniors that have the year we’ve had. 

We’re special, unique, independent and strong.

We know that we are OK,

God only gives us trials we can handle and we’ll get out of it someday. 

So don’t be sad, don’t feel stressed, go along with the ride,

2020 seniors, you get to have some pride. 

Monet Montierth is a senior at Brighton High School. 

What is it like to finish high school during a pandemic? If you are a graduating student during the coronavirus pandemic and would like to share your experience, email letters@deseretnews.com.