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Letter: Funeral events for Lt. Allen honored all who have served our country

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Letters to the Editor

Deseret News

We would like to thank all of the compassionate and patriotic people who have reached out to our family in our time of grief. We so appreciate their kind service to us during the funeral events for our treasured son, 1st Lt. Kenneth “Kage” Allen, and their helping us honor him. From Follow the Flag supporters, patriot riders, civic leaders (including Lee Perry and Box Elder High School administrators) and local businesses and community members to neighbors, military and church friends, we have been helped, assisted and strengthened as we celebrated Kage’s life and laid him to rest. We were in awe over flag lined streets and overpasses and roads filled with patriotic Utahns paying their respects during the honorary transfer of his casket and the funeral procession.  

We know that this tribute was not just for our son, but an expression of appreciation and support for all the noble individuals who put their lives on the line in defense of our great country. May God continue to bless America through wonderful people like you. We appreciate every service you have given us and want you to know that your prayers have literally carried us through. Miraculously, even while grief brings waves of nausea and heartache, kindness has brought smiles, healing sunshine amidst rain. We thank each of you for all you have done to ease our way and lighten our pain. May you be blessed for your goodness. 

Debbie and Mark Allen

Perry, Box Elder County