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Letter: Conservatives, it’s time to have a voice in the climate control discussion

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People rally at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Friday, Dec. 6, 2019, to demand action on climate change as a part of the Fridays For Future Global Climate Strike.

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

As the West finishes up its second decade of drought, it’s clear that we’re not immune from the warming effects of our fast-accumulating greenhouse gases. Not only has the trend meant drier and hotter summers, but the jet streams have strengthened. Polar vortex anyone? And while some casual observers claim that the climate is always changing, without manmade greenhouse gases, these swings would span thousands of years, not decades. 

The concern I have is that as more and more citizens start to understand the ramifications of our accelerating dependence on fossil fuels, the conservatives have been MIA at the table. To be concise, the New Green Deal is a big-government approach to a problem that can be solved with small government solutions. Big government approaches are vulnerable to siding with the best lobbyists rather than the best solution. If we really believe in the virtues that a free market offers, as conservatives, we need to start now having a voice in this climate discussion.

As Utahns, we have a history of showing leadership for solutions rather than burying our heads to the problem. And now that our the permafrost is beginning to thaw, we are at risk of facing astronomical CO2 levels, resulting in climate risks never before seen by man.

Kent Purdy

Elk Ridge