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Letter: Trump is way better for the economy and COVID-19 than Democrats

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President Donald Trump speaks during an event at the Whirlpool Corporation facility in Clyde, Ohio, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020.

Susan Walsh, Associated Press

In reply to David Roberts’ letter (“Letter: Democrats need better messaging on economy,” Sept. 12), I am flabbergasted that someone from Chicago would make such absurd observations; he obviously does not know much about his hometown. The city and state are mismanaged, as are many other multigenerational Democrat-run cities and states. California has 150,000 homeless people living in squalor on the streets. San Francisco has a “poop patrol” to clean human waste off their streets. These Democratic leaders do not have a clue how to fix these problems. California also has a large number of cities that have gone bankrupt. These bankruptcies devastate the promised retirement incomes of retired government employees. Unfunded liabilities are the next crises for Democratic cities and states.

Mr. Roberts also states that Donald Trump had disregard for the COVID-19 virus. It was the Democrats that called Trump a xenophobe for putting a travel ban between China and Europe and the United States. Trump built tent hospitals and brought in a hospital ship to help with COVID-19 patients. Gov. Cuomo put recovering COVID-19 patients in rest homes, resulting in about 10,000 avoidable deaths.

As far as the economy, the Obama-Biden economy was the slowest recovery since WWII. Trump took it to a historic record low unemployment for Black, Hispanic and Asian people — and the lowest for women since 1953. Trump took people out of the poverty brought on by Obama-Biden by giving them jobs. Trump brought back 480,000 manufacturing jobs that Obama said would require a magic wand to bring back. Trump found it.

Joseph Frear