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Letter: Conservatives aren’t the only culture warriors

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Protesters representing Black Lives Matter and Protect the Results march Wednesday evening, Nov. 4, 2020, in Seattle.

Ted S. Warren, Associated Press

Regarding Jennifer Graham’s opinion piece (“The culture war will continue to rage in 2021,” Jan. 3), it lays out clearly that there is a culture war and it is mainly over such as things as abortion, same-sex marriage and religion. She seems to blame the “war” part on conservatives (seven times); Republicans, including Trump and Reagan (3 times); and Santa Claus (once). Santa is the only one on the left. She never mentions Antifa, Black Lives Matter or riots. She seems to praise Biden (who blames Trump for killing more than 300,000 Americans) for wanting to be president for all Americans. If you oppose the left’s agenda to change American culture, you are a culture warrior.

She should have read the adjoining article (“Gordon B. Hinckley’s ‘Standing for Something’ turns 20, and it’s the handbook our politics needs today,” Jan. 1), which quotes President Hinckley’s book and public statements on “the growing moral deficit” in America — and that religion has left the public square and substituted “human sophistry for the wisdom of the Almighty.” We should add his name to the leaders who are waging cultural warfare by opposing abortion and supporting virtue.

As the scriptures indicate, there will always be a culture war between good and evil.

Lee Farnsworth