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Letter: Even conservative institutions back big virus relief spending

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Members of the Secret Service stand guard as Vice President Mike Pence, far right, speaks on tax reform at the American Enterprise Institute, Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017, in Washington.

Andrew Harnik, Associated Press

As COVID-19 leaves businesses and jobless workers hanging by a thread, children go hungry and families fear losing their homes through no fault of their own.

Even libertarian think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute say economic recovery should be prioritized and that Congress must act quickly to avoid unnecessary business and sector failures. The conservative Chamber of Commerce backs Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion plan to save businesses, and his relief package also has the support of Trump economic adviser Kevin Hassett.

Some claim that more relief for American businesses and families would add too much debt, yet the American Enterprise Institute notes that inflation and interest rates are historically low, making borrowing cheap, and advises that deficits are acceptable in emergencies like COVID-19. It is much cheaper to spend less now to avoid more costly, deeper problems later.

The Biden administration is willing to discuss the shape of the package, so Utah Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee must heed the call to ensure we sustain strong local businesses, which bring healthy families and communities.

Georgia Platts

South Jordan