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Letter: Sean Reyes is focusing on the wrong thing by suing Google

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Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes during an interview at a Republican Attorneys General Association press conference at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020.

Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

Amid a raging pandemic that has led to unemployment in the state and has caused small businesses to shutter, our elected officials’ priorities should be on ending this pandemic and assisting those who have been impacted most. Despite this relatively obvious need, Attorney General Sean Reyes has decided to use taxpayer dollars to file a lawsuit against Google. Given that a similar lawsuit in Texas will likely cost the state more than $40 million, this should raise an eyebrow.

This pandemic has taken thousands of lives and strained the economy, and an elaborate lawsuit against Google is simply not the best way to spend taxpayer money at the moment. This money would be much better spent on tackling other priorities, like cracking down on fraud, securing PPE for Utah’s heroic front-line workers, and directly going to the many Utahns who are suffering. State legislators should immediately investigate the costs of this lawsuit and ensure that Attorney General Reyes does not waste any valuable taxpayer resources.

AJ Arrington

St. George