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Letter: The ‘Dixie spirit’ has nothing to do with slavery

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Dixie State University’s football stadium in St. George is pictured on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020.

Ravell Call, Deseret News

I write this letter to present a different view than that expressed by Deborah Lin in her letter regarding Dixie State University (“Letter: Dixie State University must separate herself from her namesake” March 8). I was born and raised in St. George. I attended Dixie High School and Dixie Jr. College and was fortunate to learn from excellent teachers.

DSU is successful and loved because of the sacrifice of those who came before us. We are all beneficiaries. Southern Utah citizens support DSU financially and attend its events. A survey found 75% of southern Utah residents want to keep “Dixie.” Deborah Lin’s letter focused on the negative connotation some people have about “Dixie.” If you look for negative things, you will find them. Most people are inherently good. 

If we explain what “Dixie” means to us, they will understand that “Dixie” is cherished in southern Utah. It has nothing to do with slavery. “Dixie” represents integrity, sacrifice, fortitude, love, honor and dedication. We call it the “Dixie Spirit.” It unites us in our enthusiasm for our school and community. Our roots run deep. We welcome those new to the area to come enjoy the Dixie sunshine and rub shoulders with the friendly people who call Utah’s Dixie their home. 

Cathy Lundin Bean

Bothell, Wash.