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Opinion: Use capitalism to fight the drought

Water in Utah is ridiculously cheap. People who use a lot of it should have to pay a steep price.

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Boaters at Jordanelle Reservoir near Kamas.

Boaters are seen at Jordanelle Reservoir near Kamas on Wednesday, Aug. 4.

Laura Seitz, Deseret News

For years, my husband and I have been frugal with water and watched how people lavished more water on concrete than we allotted on our yard. And now, the alarm bell has been rung, officially. Use less water, we are in an extreme drought!

I believe capitalism should be used to help with our dire water problem. Water in Utah is ridiculously cheap. In a dry state like ours, it does not make sense. The water should be affordable for the first increment of household use so that no one goes without, but then it should be incrementally more expensive for wasted water. We are a free country: People who want to water should be able to do so, but it should affect their wallet.

I also discovered that I am paying through my property taxes a hefty amount every year to the water district. We all are! I object to this wholeheartedly. This is a fixed fee based on the value of my home, and it is completely disconnected from my usage. Electricity, gas and water should be charged on usage only and property taxes should not fund water districts.

France Barral