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Opinion: Evan McMullin — a man who will fight for our democracy in the U.S. Senate

The Democratic Party’s decision to support independent candidate Evan McMullin can be an example of strength and bipartisan solutions

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U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin walking outside wearing a black suit.

Evan McMullin walks to his car after an interview in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021. McMullin is running for Sen. Mike Lee’s seat as an independent.

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

The Democratic Party has stepped forward to recognize the “elephant” in the room — our democratic system of government. The party’s endorsement of a candidate outside of the party was revolutionary in its scope of leadership. 

No Democratic candidate for high position, no matter how fine a candidate, has a chance of winning in Utah at this point. Hard right Republicans hold fiercely to the elephant’s tusk, while hard left Democrats would hold onto the one leg of party loyalty despite the fact that the elephant has three other legs. Yet nobody sees that this elephant offers two good ears, a trunk to cool the political hide and a tail to haul the country forward.

Those of us who reject the extremes and long for earnest, noncombative cooperation feel disenfranchised. 

When one man is not questioned by his party about participation in efforts to overturn an election, while another — in a state known for championing conscience — is actually condemned for using his, and no one needed to balance all of this has any chance of gaining a seat at the table, a growing number of us are left without a place to stand.   

I wholeheartedly throw my support behind an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate, Evan McMullin, a highly capable individual who has put country before party. 

The McMullin team has been working for the past several years, bringing together government leaders, aspiring candidates and media spokespersons from all political views who see the attributes of the whole elephant and know that above all else, we must assure its survival. 

Susan Savage

Leeds, Washington County